Monday, October 7, 2013

The best free apps for iPad

Today I am going to share a list of my favorite apps for iPad and of course these will be great for iPhone as well. I use my iPad for almost everything except posting blogs because the Blogger app does not work well with my device; but there are many apps that I do use and love.

Here is a list of my favorite free apps:

1. Evernote
I use Evernote for planning parties, planning vacations, notes, home decor ideas, blog ideas and much more. I like that you can write notes share them and add photos and links.

2. My Fitness Pal
Although I don’t use this app as much anymore it is great for helping you lose or maintain weight by showing you how many calories you consume and where you are getting your nutrition. The buddy system also works well to help keep you motivated. For more info on this app click HERE

3. Pinterest
If you are addicted to Pinterest like I am then you should already have this app.

4. Dropbox
This app is essential if you are transferring your photos and files between devices.

5. Magic jack
I use this app while I am on vacation to make free calls from anywhere in the world back home to my friends and family.
6. Camera Awesome
This camera app is great for taking photos, adding effects and editing. It has many handy features which is great for a blogger or those who use their device for taking photos.

7. You Tube
You tube is great for watching and posting videos.

8. Vevo HD
This is a must if you are a music lover and want to catch all the new music videos as they premiere.

9. Errands
I like to keep organized and make lists so this app helps me do that. I like that it has a check list so that I can check things off as I get them done.
10. Yelp
This app is great for finding information on the go such as restaurants and other businesses and services.

11. Photo Shop Express
I use this app for photo editing; although the free version only performs minor editing functions.

12. iDo notepad
If you like to keep a journal or take notes then this app is great. I also like that there is a lock on it so whatever you write stays private.
13. Cloud on
I use this app to work on Word documents that I transfer from my laptop.
I also use the Documents app to work on Microsoft documents.

14. Find iPhone
This app allows you to locate your device if it is missing or stolen.

This is a great tool to have if you do a lot of writing.
 Add word dictionary app also works well because it works without an internet connection.

16. Netflix
I use this app to watch movies on my iPad. This app is free to upload but to watch movies you need an account with Netflix.
17. Pic collage
I use this app for making easy collages from my photo albums.

18. Paper 53
This is a great app to have for taking notes, sketching and drawing diagrams. You can also transfer your creations into Evernote.
19. Zinio
I use this app to download all my magazine subscriptions.

20. Flipboard
Flipboard is a personal magazine that incorporates news, fashion, recipes, magazines and anything else you want to read about all in one place.
21. iBooks
This is a great app for downloading books, Kindle also works well. I have tons of free books downloaded that I haven’t read yet.
22. Social Media apps
Instagram- this app does not have a version for iPad yet so I am forced to use the iPhone version but it serves its purpose. Tumblr Twitter
23. The Weather Network
If you love getting up to date weather forecasts wherever you are then this is a great app.

24. Feedly
Great for catching up on your favorite blogs, news and social media.

25. Insta editor
Great for basic photo editing and adding effects.

26. Emoji
For those who like using smiley faces and icons wherever the keyboard function is available.

27.  Google Maps

28. Haiku Deck
You can use this app to make video/slideshow presentations which you can embed on the web or on your blog.

I did not add any gaming apps because I don't usually use my iPad to play games. 

 What are your favorite apps?


  1. I don't have an iPad and we recently lost our tablet :( We are thinking about getting an iPad mini so this blog post sure will come in hand when we will get it :D Thank you! :*

  2. I love My Fitness Pal! I lost 15 lbs using it before I got pregnant. But then I gained it all back, plus more! Haha

  3. Great list of apps. I love pic collage,Flipboard,Dropbox, of course Pinterest lol(pinterest addict),Netflix.There are some that you listed that I need to check out. I love these types of posts :)

  4. I don't have gaming apps on my iPad either. A lot of photo editing apps but now I basically just use it for YouTube and iTunes Radio hehehehe.I like MyFitness Pal which reminds me I gotta log in my food for today.


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