Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Nine West Boots

One of the great things about fall and winter is getting to wear cute boots! Who doesn't love cute ankle boots, knee high boots or even sexy thigh highs.

Recently I went on a Nine West shopping spree so I am going to show you what I got in my haul and the beautiful boots you can get at Nine West + tips for choosing the right boots.

1.  Stylish thigh high boots!
The first pair of boots are these thigh high black boots. I love thigh highs because they look super chic with tights, skirts and skinny jeans. 

These boots are great because the heel is low but comfortable for walking and can be worn on warm fall days and snowy afternoons. I also like the soft leather and the buckle detailing around the ankle. The top portion of the boot is a bit wider so they do not cling to your legs and you can fit your pants into them.

If you are interested in getting these boots they are called Portiao (Nine West brand). They are genuine leather and you can get them at Nine West for $249.99 I will definitely be wearing these boots through most of the cooler months. 

2.  Trendy knee high brown boots
Aside from having a classic black boot, brown boots are also very trendy and can be paired with many outfits. 

These boots are also genuine leather and the heel is manageable for most people. They are easy to walk in and can also be worn through the fall and into winter as well. These knee high boots look great with pants, skirts or dresses.

You can get these boots at Nine West for $180.00 They are called Congnac LE and the brand is Bandolino. I think these will look great paired with some cute jeans.

3. Classic Knee high black boots
The last pair of boots is the same style as the brown boots above. They have a very simple buckle at the top and are soft and comfortable. They are very simple and classic yet very stylish.

If you are interested in these boots I got them at Nine West for $180.00 and they are called Black LE by Bandolino.

 Tips for choosing the right boots:

1. Consider the season & the heel
When choosing a boot I would suggest taking the weather into consideration. If the climate where you live gets very slippery, wet and snow covered then invest in boots that have lower heels, are easy to walk in and have a lot of grip. Stiletto heels are cute but they are not practical for trudging through snow and balancing on ice. If you live in a dry climate then you can go with a higher heel. If you want some height but are not comfortable walking in very high heels then opt for a thicker heel or a wedged heel which will provide more stability. Boots that are practical for the weather yet stylish for events and indoor functions are a great purchase and will get the most wear. You can also get different pairs of boots with different heels and in different styles suitable for the changing season and weather.

2. Material
Some materials like suede do not hold up well in wet conditions. Pleather or faux lather does not allow much air circulation and may cause your feet to sweat. They may also not last well in the winter months, in snow and with salt on the roads. Leather is a great material to look for in a boot, it is soft, durable and will last longer if cared for. Make sure to get a leather spray for your boots.

3. Get the right size
Make sure the boots you purchase are comfortable, have enough support and are not squeezing your toes. If you plan to wear your boots with thicker winter socks then make sure to try them on in the store with socks to get an idea of how much room you will have. If you want more support for your feet then adding insoles in your boots will provide more cushion and comfort but keep in mind that insoles will take up room in the boot so get a size which allows for this. Leather usually molds to your feet and loosens slightly the more you wear the boots and break them in.

What are your favorite type of boots to wear for the season?


  1. All your new boots look lovely. I especially like the brown pair! Great tips too! I unfortunately have abnormally large calves after many years of Irish dancing and almost never find boots to fit over them...


  2. awesome haul. I love Nine West shoes/boots. Great tips for choosing boots. It snows so much here that a good pair of boots is essential.

  3. I love nine west so much! I got a black pair, kind of similar to the first ones two years ago and I always got sooo many compliments on them! I love how they always have such good deals as well!


  4. We definitely have the same taste in boots :)) I would buy them asap if I could, they are gorgeous, especially the first pair, I need a thigh high pair of boots <3 I also like combat boots :D

  5. Stylish boots, ideal for colder weather :)

  6. I love the brown pair! I love buying boots when its cold too! :)

    Emily / Glittery Teacups

  7. i LOVE nine west. one of my favorite places to shop for shoes because 1) they are comfortable 2) they are reasonably priced 3) they carry size 5!

    love the ones you purchased. you will definitely get a lot of wear out of them.

  8. Nice haul! I'm not really into thigh high boots, but the first pair are really cute and stylish. :-)


  9. I don't own a pair of over the knee boots yet, but I have wanted some for awhile. I'd love to see how you wear them with different outfits!!

  10. I love them all! So damn pretty! LOL! I really still need some brown boots! Thanks for sharing this! XOXO, Sissi http://www.beauty4free2u.com

  11. Stylish collection of Nine West shoes. They look simply great and will compliment every outfit enhancing the look. I myself got a pair of Nine West shoes and they are so comfortable to wear.


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