Monday, October 7, 2013

Nuit Blanche Toronto 2013

Over the weekend I attended the famous Nuit Blanche festival in Toronto, universally translated as "sleepless night." Nuit Blanche originated in Paris and showcases contemporary art by artists from all over the globe. Thousands of people crowded the streets of Toronto from dusk till dawn to get a glimpse of the interesting exhibits.

I attended the festival with my sister and our friend. We decided to make a girls night out of it and have a nice dinner on a rooftop patio with some great food and large sangrias.

This was the first time I attended the festival and although I am an art lover, art can be very subjective. I loved attending the art galleries in Paris and looking at all the beautiful paintings from artists like Monet but some of the exhibits at the Nuit Blanche festival like the hanging socks exhibit for example did not speak to me. 

This art was interesting in that it was open to interpretation and everyone had different ideas of what the artists were trying to portray.

There were 110 different works of art to be seen throughout the city streets and although we wanted to take in as much as possible the throngs of people and the distance between the exhibits was a bit tiring. 

Here is some artwork from the festival

This piece was made using chairs

This is a structure made entirely out of bicycles

This is what the bicycle structure looked liked at night. All the wheels make it appear as though it is blurry and multi-dimensional

This structure is a ladder made completely out of chairs that was located in a church

Here is another piece made with lights and motion

The monument below was made out of a giant quilt. At the top there was a woman wearing heavy makeup. This was piece was suppose to get people to examine what feminism means to them on a personal level.

This art exhibit was not my cup of tea but I appreciated what the artists were trying to accomplish and it was an interesting experience nonetheless. 

For more information on this festival you can visit: Nuit Blanche Toronto

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