Friday, October 25, 2013

Sigma Kabuki Brush Set

Today I am going to review Sigma’s 4 piece synthetic kabuki brush kit. I have been eyeing this set for a while now and although I do have a variety of other makeup brushes it is cost effective to invest in good quality brushes that will hold up well after prolonged use.

The brushes in the set are:

*F80 -Flat top kabuki brush 

*F82- Round top kabuki brush 

*F84- Angled top kabuki brush

*F86- Tapered Kabuki brush

Ordering and pricing:
I ordered these brushes from a great Canadian company that I came across called ftb Beauty, you can find their website by clicking- HERE I purchased this set for $63 + shipping. The owner Anna was more than helpful when I placed my order and the shipping was fast. She also threw in some yummy Halloween candy which I thought was a cute touch for the season. ftb Beauty also has many other well known brands and makeup products on their site. You can also order these brushes in sets or individually from Sigma. I don't think sigma still has the 4 piece kabuki set on their site but they do have a 5 piece set.

The quality of these brushes is amazing! They are sleek in appearance and the bristles are dense. They are also very soft, easy to work with and feel great against the skin. The brushes are also not prone to shedding which is great.
Application & Results:
So here is a photo of what my foundation looks like after I have used the kabuki brushes. I used all of the brushes to show you the results and how they can be used for applying different products. 
Products used:
-Bronzer-from the e.l.f blush and bronzer duo
-MAC blush in the color Love Joy
-Lip gloss from Forever 21 see post for lip gloss HERE

The best brush for applying foundation
If you do not want to buy an entire set and you decide to only get one brush to apply your liquid foundation with then I would highly recommend the round top F82 kabuki even though the flat top F80 is more popular. I find that the round top kabuki is the ideal shape for buffing in foundation because it has no edges and provides the best finish and the easiest application. The round top kabuki is by far my favorite foundation brush. You can order this brush individually for $21. For more info on this brush click- Sigma F82

 TIP: I would suggest that when you are dabbing the brush in foundation do not dab hard, simply touch the very tops of the bristles in foundation. If you press down too hard the product will get deep into the bristles and make cleaning more difficult because of how dense the brush is.

Liquid foundation application
When using the round or flat kabuki I find that using circular motions while buffing in liquid foundation works best for an even and airbrushed finish. I start at my jaw, by my ear and buff in towards my cheeks and nose so that my application is seamless. These brushes leave no streaks even while applying makeup vertically or side to side. Because of the easy and even coverage these brushes provide, I notice myself having to use less concealer.
The tapered kabuki works well for getting into those hard to reach areas and patting on product and concealer around the nose. The tapered brush also works well for contouring as it fits perfectly into the hollows of the cheeks and the tip works well for contouring along the nose and jawline. Having a dark bronzer line across the face that is improperly blended doesn't look so hot and the tapered brush is great for blending that line out seamlessly.

Pressed powder application
For powder foundation or setting powder including loose and pressed, the flat top works very well for patting on product precisely where you want it.
TIP: When applying powder foundation or setting powder over a liquid product make sure not to buff or rub it in as you can mess up your foundation application and move concealer from the areas you placed it. Press the powder into your face instead.

Blush application
The angled kabuki works great for applying blush and contouring the face. The angle of the brush actually gives you a nice shape when applying blush on your cheekbones

How to clean the Sigma kabuki brushes
Spot cleaning:
I spot clean my brushes by using a spray bottle filled with rubbing alcohol. If the alcohol is too strong for you try diluting it by adding some water. Alcohol will help disinfect your brushes as it helps kill bacteria. I use a concentration of 70% alcohol. I spritz the bristles with alcohol and then gently rub them on a washcloth in circular motions after use. 

Deep cleaning: 
To deep clean my brushes I first rinse them and rub the bristles in a bit of alcohol. I then rub the bristles in shampoo (you can use a brush cleaning solution if you prefer), I work up a lather and then rinse. I repeat this process until the brushes are clean and no more product is coming off them. I air dry my brushes, (never use a blow dryer). After the brushes have dried I use the plastic brush covers that came with the brushes to reshape them, it is always handy to keep these.

Sigma also has instructions to clean the brushes so follow whatever method works best for you.

If you are in the market for some great makeup brushes then I would definitely recommend these.

Have you tried the Sigma brushes? If so which is your favorite?


  1. this is by far my favorite set from Sigma. I use them daily and the F80 is my favorite brush to apply any foundation. I also have their performance eye kit which I adore.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks hun :) skin care and the brushes did help a lot lol

  3. I need to try these!

  4. Love these brushes sigma is my all tym favt love ur review <3

  5. great review hun, quality brushes are really important as you use the always. Better spent a little bit more on them. Love your makeup too!

  6. the f80 is my secret for full coverage

  7. The F80 is an excellent brush. One of my faves!

  8. I know so little about brushes but Sigma is a winner.

  9. I only have one Sigma brush, a E25 and I absolutely loveeeee it :D Hope I will be able to get more in the near future :)

    1. Not that you need to look any more flawless than you already look in your photos but you will love the Sigma brushes :)

  10. I love kabuki brushes for putting foundation on with!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog ... You should defo try a poison ivy look ... I can't wait to see what the results are like with your green shadow!!

    Laura xx

  11. Your skin looked flawless after you used those brushes. I'm impressed! I really like the look of that flat top kabuki. great review!

  12. Very thorough review. I really enjoyed reading it. Of course I've heard of the P80 but have heard very little about the others. So I was glad you covered them. Thank you for sharing. (◕‿◕✿)

  13. Nice review, Erica!
    I am definitely going to try Sigma brushes, and firstly I am thinking about tappering brush. I never tried this shape.

  14. the brushes look awesome and i bet they perform like a dream <3 been hearing good things about this brand

  15. You look stunning on that picture, so those brushes must be awesome! XOXO, Sissi

  16. Great review..! You look flawless in that picture..!



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