Thursday, October 3, 2013

Transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall

If you are anything like me, you love your summer wardrobe and would like to keep on wearing it throughout the colder months. This is completely possible if you know how to transition your favorite pieces into the new season. Here are my tips for transitioning your summer items into fall.

Tip #1: Layers are the way to go

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Layering your clothes is perfect to combat the drastically changing temperatures in fall. You can easily remove clothes when you are too warm, or add them when it gets chilly. Try layering cardigans on top of your sleeveless tanks or short-sleeve tops. Layer your summer dresses under heavier crew/v-neck sweaters with the sleeves rolled up. 

Tip #2:  Stockings are your best friend

Dresses are my go-to clothing of choice and I especially love my summer dresses. To continue wearing your favorite dresses throughout the fall, pair them with stockings. Try sheer stockings when the weather is warmer and opaque stockings when it is cooler. For a bit of glam try thigh high or patterned stockings, they come in many designs but some of my favorites are baroque and web inspired fishnet styles. 

Tip #3: Invest in different types of outerwear
Temperatures change very rapidly in fall, you never know if you are going to have warm sunny days reminiscent of summer, or cold rainy days that make your teeth chatter. Investing in different types of outerwear for fall prepares you for the versatility of the season. The perfect outerwear items that are easy to transition from summer to fall are: the classic trench coat, leather jacket, parka, light wool coat for work or special occasions and a jeans jacket. A popular trend this fall are varsity jackets, these are sporty, fun and look great paired with different outfits.

Tip #4: Bring on the boots!

The perfect boots for fall are ankle boots and peep-toe booties. Ankle boots can be worn in the summer with your dresses and skirts and they are also perfect for keeping your feet warm but not too warm in fall. They come in many different styles such as cowboy & stiletto, and materials like suede and leather. Peep-toe booties can also transition from summer to fall and you can still show off your pedicure.

Tip #5: Blazers are a must!
I love a good blazer, and the fall season is my favorite time to wear them. Blazers are perfect when there is a chill in the air but not enough to break out your outerwear. Invest in good quality blazers in many colors and fabrics. Blazers go well over your favorite summer dresses and skirts and you can add stockings and cute boots. For colder days tweed blazers are a perfect option and they are trending for fall 2013.

Tip #6 Scarves, scarves and more scarves!
A nice scarf can be the perfect accessory to make an outfit pop. Scarves are worn all year-round in Paris and they are well suited for fall because I prefer lightweight material instead of the heavy wool and knitted variety popular in winter. To incorporate your favorite summer patterns into fall scarves try floral and tribal prints in bright colors.
Tip#7 Leggings all year
Leggings are very handy for the fall. They are warm, come in many colors and styles and they are super comfy. Pair them with cardigans and ankle boots with a cute scarf or try wearing them under your  summer dresses and shorter skirts.

Have you made any fall transitions? 

Written by: Amanda Ali (guest writer)
co author and editor:  Erica 
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  1. These are such awesome tips. You are so right about the weather fluctuating from day to day. I love the layers idea as well as getting different types of outer wear for sure! xoxo

  2. I now have everything I need for this fall, but unfortunately it is so cold here that I could easily wear my winter clothes :( I have no idea what is happening, usually the weather is awesome this time of year, I'm confused haha :)))

  3. I cant wait to wear more boots!

  4. I love adding scarves to my outfits especially in fall and winter :)

    Fashionably Sparkly

  5. I love adding scarves to an outfit to transition it and I must say I LOVE tights. Colored tights, patterned tights... sign me up!

  6. Blazers and tights are definitely my new friends during the fall, I am now making a summer look suitable for fall by just adding a blazer and some leggings.

  7. These are all definitely things I need to keep in mind this season as I revamp my wardrobe. I love blazers and charges but I haven't quite gotten on the leggings/tights game. I guess we'll see how things go!

  8. i recently wrote about this on popsugar, too, with very similar tips! i do keep a lot of lightweight jackets handy for our cooler weather! it doesn't get too cold here, so light layers with tees + jackets work well for me!

  9. Lots of layers always works well for me. Speaking of tights, your post reminded me that I need to invest in a few new ones. I tripped and fell & ruined my favorite pair!

  10. Great guide! You definitely covered all of the bases! Tights and booties are definitely the easiest way to transition a dress into fall!


  11. love forever 21

  12. Still no transition in sight in FL! LOL! Wearing summer ouftits probably till November- but might take a look then again at this! haha! XOXO, sissi


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