Friday, November 7, 2014

Anna Sui Cosmetics: Cheek Color, Lipstick M and Glittering Gloss Review

Beautiful packaging, vibrant color and a sweet iconic scent only begin to describe Anna Sui’s new makeup. Today I am featuring cosmetics that are ravishing and look uniquely artistic displayed atop a vanity!

Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color: Shade- 602
Orange hues are not just for summer, in the fall pumpkin, spice and shimmer are quite trendy and orange is a shade that compliments complexions from light to deep. The Cheek Colors are available in 6 stunning shades from pink, purple, pastels and rose. The blush I have is comprised of a bold orange with an intermingling of coral/pink, champagne and gold. I like to swirl my fluffy brush around in all of the pretty etched roses to create an interesting effect of both shimmer and solid color. This is a multi-purpose product, the light champagne and gold roses are great highlighting shades and produce a luminous, glowing effect. The vivid hues are very buildable so you can achieve a light wash of color or a more intense look for definition and contour.

(Blush packaging)

The intricate compact design is inspired by Anna’s love of antiques and resembles dark crystal, it is also quite durable. I like the three dimensional effect of the formula and it is infused with raspberry, olive oil, grape seed and rose canina fruit for moisture. The blush applies smoothly for long-lasting color without any chalkiness or caking and retails for $36.00.

Anna Sui Lipstick M: Shade- 770
Keeping up with the jewel theme the new lipsticks are also designed in the same dark crystal packaging with a carved rose delicately placed at the top. There are three shades available and each lipstick has a daring blend of two colors that mesh into an elegant marbled pattern. The unique thing about this lipstick is that every time you apply it, you get a fresh new look! The shade #770 is a pink/purple infused with a golden swirl and the hues mix to create interesting effects! Sometimes the color appears gold or golden-pink and other times I get a pretty purple-pink!

(Lipstick packaging)

The lipstick is formulated with “clear sliding powder and melting oil” which creates a smooth texture for a flawless glossy finish. Grape and olive oils provide comfortable hydration while flower extracts promote blood circulation. I think this color is wonderful for fall and I like the cute shooting star design! The lipsticks retail for $29.00 each.

(Products heavily swatched)

Anna Sui Glittering Lip Gloss: Shade- 001
I am no stranger to Anna Sui’s lip gloss; I have a gorgeous pink that I wear often for sheer hydration and shine. These glosses come in 12 shades with a great range to suit most preferences and styles. The color I have appears grey and sparkly in the tube but applies clear and iridescent for pouty looking lips.

If you are in the mood for translucent, moisturizing glitter then this gloss can be used as an alternative to traditional balms with a lot more dazzle! I recently had this gloss in my purse during my entire Hawaiian vacation and when the sea breeze, salt water and hours of dehydrating flying time took its toll, this gloss provided long-lasting moisture and held up well through eating and drinking! It retails for $28.00.

Overall I enjoyed these products and the blush is one I will wear through all season! They are available at Shoppers Drug Mart, Murale, PJC stores across Canada and select Hudson’s Bay locations.

**Disclaimer: products were provided for review


  1. I think I'd like to try that translucent gloss. =0)
    Have a great weekend!

  2. i was drooling to see their packaging on your instagram!!♥ BTW i thought it's nail polish but actually a lip gloss!!!?? i have never tried grey shades clear lipgloss b4 !!! lol


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