Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Soften Her Exfoliating Pads Review: For Stubble, In-grown Hair and Razor Bumps

Many of us want soft, supple skin but shaving waxing and other types of hair removal can cause in-grown hairs and sharp stubble. When I first heard about the Soften Her pads I was intrigued by the idea of achieving smooth skin even with a bit of stubble and no shaving! Soon after a tedious hair removal session, hair growth can reoccur quite quickly and these pads are designed to prolong that wonderful smooth feeling simply and efficiently.

Each box contains 3 small pink pads that have a finger strap on one side. To use: simply move the pad in a circular motion, clockwise and then counter-clockwise against the hairs for about 15 seconds. The textured side of the pad gently exfoliates without irritation and I love that it helps slough off dead skin cells and reduce razor bumps!

Although they are not meant for hair removal and designed to work on stubble rather than longer hair, the pads help dull the sharp edges of fresh hair growth which takes your skin from rough and prickly to smooth and silky. It also helps reduce the occurrence of in-grown hairs which can sometimes leave behind unsightly blemishes.

You can use the pads on your legs, arms underarms and bikini area, although I have only used them on my arms and legs which worked great. I prefer to use them on clean, dry skin and follow up with a moisturizer to take care of the white residue left over from exfoliating and removing the skin cells.

I recommend using light pressure and not rubbing one area for too long or too hard to avoid irritation. You will be able to tell when it is time to switch pads because the surface slowly begins to wear away and becomes less coarse. Only one side of the pad is usable, the other side is lined with a soft foam for comfortable grip but it would have been nice to have a double sided exfoliator.

These pads are hypoallergenic and last up to 2 months each; they also make great stocking stuffers for the holidays and retail for $11.99 per box!

For more information and to order you can find the website by clicking HERE.

**Disclaimer: products provided for review


  1. Oh this is really interesting! Do you find that it actually prevents ingrown hair. I have that issue a lot and it's such a pain!

    1. Hey Jasmine, it did exfoliate and soften but I would have to use it some more to see if it prevents ingrowns. So far so good though :)


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