Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lashem Brow Tint and Lift with Lash Enhancing Serum - Review

According to my backstage insight at fashion week this year, bold brows are trendy both on and off the runway and I’m always open to trying new products that fill-in, shape and enhance my eyebrows. The Brow Tint and Lift Mascara by Lashem not only adds color but the formula contains brow enhancing serum to promote “healthier, stronger, thicker looking brows.” 

I've just started using mascara-like brow products and I am a fan of them. I like that the color is distributed simply and evenly with a brush that also combs your brows to keep them looking neat and tidy. The applicator is a good size and the formula coats hairs well but applying brow color this way doesn't always get in-between the hairs to fill in gaps. Luckily with this product you can also use a brush or a finger before it dries to blend the color out more consistently and fill in sparse areas, the conditioning element is also an added bonus. 

The brush strokes seem to produce more natural looking brows and this tint is flake-proof, smudge-proof and paraben free for long-wear color. There are 3 shade options available: blonde, brunette and raven, since I have black hair I chose raven which is the darkest shade. As you can see from the swatch below the color is not very deep, it has a very ashy brown hue that seems to contain a grey and gold undertone. Unfortunately this color did not work with my hair and seemed a bit unnatural on me so more color options would be a great idea.

Brown Tint in the shade Raven

For review purposes I did try the product and wear the brow tint for a whole day regardless of the odd color match and it did define, fill-in and help shape my brows quite nicely, I just wish I could actually use it! Although the color didn't work for me, some of you may have better luck! This product retails for $20.00 and you can find the website by clicking HERE (30% OFF DISCOUNT CODE: BROW30BB

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  1. it does look like an odd shade, but i like the idea of the product!


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