Thursday, November 13, 2014

NeoStrata Skin Care: Anti-Aging

October was Fashion Week here in Toronto which gave me the chance to attend some press events and check out all the excitement backstage. This year NeoStrata hosted an informative event dedicated to some of their newest products that incorporate leading-edge technology and have a plethora of anti-aging benefits. I will admit that prior to learning about this great line I wasn't too familiar with the products but now that I've had the chance to try many of them I am very impressed and have been using them every night!

Today I will feature a range of fabulous products dedicated to improving your complexion, so sit back and relax because there are quite a few items that deserve an honorable mention.

Youth Factor GF Total Regenerating Serum
First up is one of my favorites! When this bottle of serum made its way around the beauty panel and I first dabbed it on I just knew I had to have it! The product comes in a convenient medicine dropper bottle and has a beautiful pearl color. A little goes a long way and applied overnight it moisturizes and renews the tone and vibrancy of my skin for a soft, supple glow. The growth factor in the formula is designed to stimulate the skin’s renewal process and regenerate collagen and elastin, it is suitable for all skin types.

Although the serum is recommended for people 45+ I think it is a great preventative measure for younger people as well and there is no age limit to re-building the components of the skin to keep it looking healthy! Other benefits include:

*Improves skin hydration by up to 72%
*Corrects firmness and skin slackening
*Enhances elasticity up to 60%
*Reduces wrinkles up to 69%
*Promotes younger looking skin
*Evens skin tone
*Plumps skin
*Refines texture
*Boosts cell metabolism
*Nourishes and repairs

You can find the serum by clicking HERE, it retails for $78.00 

Glycolic Renewal Smoothing Cream (5% Glycolic Acid)
Glycolic acid is popularly used in skin care products and professional skin treatments. The glycolic acid in the Soothing Cream is formulated to deliver the ingredient deep into the skin without irritation. Unlike the peels commonly used by Dermatologists, this product uses a mild concentration suitable for sensitive skin and all ages.

Glycolic Acid is commonly used for reducing: wrinkles, acne scarring and hyperpigmentation. This product also: refines skin texture, boosts radiance, evens the complexion, reduces fine lines and mattifies without any tingling. I prefer to wear it at night because the texture is slightly sticky but it provides long-lasting hydration with natural botanical extracts ideal for normal to dry skin. The Soothing Cream retails for $39.00 and is also available in a 10% concentration, you can find it by clicking HERE

Youth Factor GF Total Regenerating Cream
I love a great moisturizer especially one that can nourish and prevent dehydration! This cream has wonderful anti-aging properties and fortifies fragile, mature skin. Although I don’t have mature skin or wrinkles the formula renews and strengthens to improve the look of skin without a greasy residue and it makes a great gift for the women in your family! I love that it makes my skin feel soft and silky and it works well under makeup. (Retail price $66.50, available January 2015)

The cream also:
*Restores density and firmness
*Prevents the loss of elasticity
*Reduce the signs of deep wrinkles
*Stimulates cell renewal and the regeneration of collagen
*Contains calcium, essential amino acids, soy bean and wild yam extract

Aqua Youth Filling Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream
Applying an eye cream at night is an essential part of my skin care routine! I want to keep my eyes looking fresh, awake and youthful and NeoStrata has a great selection of creams for the sensitive area around the eyes.

The Aqua Youth eye cream is formulated to quench dehydrated skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a smooth, hydrated complexion. I like the formula because it feels soothing and refreshing and even if you have yet to experience the visible signs of aging it is a great preventative measure! (Retail price: $34.00)

If lack of firmness is your issue then the FirmaLift Eye Contour Firming Cream is for you! This eye cream improves elasticity, density and improves the appearance of under eye bags to reduce sagging and increase resiliency. (Retail price $33.75)

After swatching these formulas I felt immediate suppleness and after using the line for weeks at home I am very happy with these products! As you can see NeoStrata offers a wide variety so there is something for every skin concern. The best thing about the line is that the serums and creams can be used sparingly and they leave my skin feeling wonderful and looking radiant!

Since I've been using the Youth Factor GF Serum and the Glycolic Renewal Soothing Cream I have also been getting fewer blemishes and pimples so I definitely recommend heading over to the website if you are on the hunt for some great items to add to your skin care routine. You can find these products and the rest of the line by clicking HERE and at major drug stores across Canada.

**Disclaimer: products were provided 

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