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Holiday Gifts For Him

Here at Diary of a Trendaholic I review a lot of products for women and although I love to dabble in glitter and paint on the pink we can’t forget about the guys this holiday season. If you are anything like me then you may find yourself standing in the men’s department with no clue what to buy; you could go with the traditional tie, socks, watch or sweater but I thought this year we would kick it up a notch and delve into a bit of “manscaping!” If you haven’t heard of manscaping don’t worry, it just refers to the masculine form of grooming that keeps the guys looking sharp and stylish! Skincare and beauty treatments are not just for the ladies anymore, so here are my top picks for some great gifts that will pamper the men.

EvolutionMan Resurfacing Clay Mask $48.00
Many men may not have time to visit a spa for a facial but EvolutionMan is a professional treatment that can be done at home. This mask smells wonderful and is infused with powerful extracts, vitamins, minerals and anti-aging ingredients that penetrate deeply to clear pores, toxins and dead skin cells. Skin will feel renewed and fresh and look smoother, brighter and healthier.

Beneficial ingredients include:

*Glycolic Acid: helps with anti-aging, removes dead skin cells, brightens, lightens discoloration, reduces sun and age spots, and helps with acne and blackhead prone skin.

*Salicylic Acid: exfoliates, opens pores, and breaks down acne, black heads and white heads.

*Kaolin Clay: Stimulates circulation and tightens pores.

*Witch Hazel (antioxidant and astringent): minimize pores and improves skin tone.

*Jojoba Ester (antioxidant): nourishes and protects.

*Green Tea, Rose Hip and Vitamin E,C, B3 and B5: fends off free radicals and toxins that accelerate aging.

*Aloe Vera, Calendula Extract and Sea Kelp: soothe and moisturize with powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

*Lemon Grass Extract: Limits bacteria and microbial growth and aids in the recovery of cells that have been damaged.

With no parabens, synthetic fragrances or dyes this product rejuvenates and restores, you can find it by clicking HERE.

dermalogica Close Shave Oil $31.00

One thing most men do on a daily basis is shave, so why not make that experience more comfortable with the Close Shave Oil by dermalogica. Not only does the oil calm irritation, soothe skin and minimize ingrown hairs, it also creates an instant cushion between the skin and razor for the ultimate close shave. The clear formula creates a comfort barrier that helps the razor or shaver glide easier and more efficiently and it is ideal for grooming around goatees and mustaches. You can find this product by clicking HERE 

dermalogica Daily Clean Scrub $36.00

We all know that exfoliating should be an essential part of every skin care routine, and with all the shaving men do it is just as important for them to keep their skin smooth and supple. The Daily Clean Scrub exfoliates with micro-fine silica beads and antioxidants to remove oil and slough away dead skin cells, clearing the way for a closer shave. Formulated without artificial fragrances or colors the scrub deep cleanses, unclogs pores and helps minimize ingrown hairs. You can find this product by clicking HERE.

dermalogica Clean Bar $26.00
Cleansing is important for skin health and the Clean Bar is great for everyday use. The bar easily slips into a gym bag and is great for travel. The formula is soap-free and contains: licorice extract to soothe skin, lactic acid, oat kernel and retinol to exfoliate and bergamot peel, rosewood oil, grapefruit, lavender and sandalwood seed oil. The formula is safe for sensitive skin and helps nourish and condition, you can find this product by clicking HERE.

dermalogica Daily Defense with SPF 15 $47.00

To finish off the shaving routine it’s important to moisturize and protect! The Daily Defense daytime lotion is light-weight, non-greasy and conditions the skin with a shine-free, fast absorbing formula. The extracts help fight ingrown hairs, breakouts and skin sagging with no artificial fragrances or colors. You can find this product HERE.

These shaving and skin care essentials from dermalogica make wonderful gifts and some of these bestsellers are also available in the Shave System Kit for $52.00 which you can find HERE.

Limited Edition MK High Intensity Sport Cologne Spray $49.00
This year I have reviewed some wonderful products from Mary Kay but they also have great items for men! This cologne smells fresh, masculine and intoxicating with notes including: gin berry, icy bergamot, a shot of liquid oxygen, cool cardamom, crushed mint leaf, violet pepper, wild birch bark and amber. I like the sporty packaging and the scent will keep him smelling as good as he looks!

MK High Intensity Sports Hair and Body Wash $20.00
Some men like to keep their grooming routine as simple as possible so 2-in-1 products are a great idea. This wash is perfect after an intense training session at the gym or a long day at work. It builds into a rich lather that removes dirt from head to toe and washes away sweat for a refreshing clean. You can check out these products HERE.

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Another great brand that I love is NeoStrata which also offers a skincare line specifically designed for the needs of men. Although many people are now aware of the benefits of anti-aging ingredients, some men may still be a bit hesitant to go out and purchase products that help reduce the signs of aging and pamper their skin.

Anti-Aging Cream $47
This cream has a unique blend of peptides that fight the appearance of wrinkles, promotes firmness and elasticity. It also improves skin tone and texture while deeply hydrating and nourishing with soybean and mango seed butter. It contains retinol which is wonderful for evening skin tone and for men with sensitive skin the formula is non-irritating and leaves behind no greasy residue.

Eye Contour Anti-Aging Gel $32
For those long days at work, sleepless nights or jet lag we all need to rejuvenate the sensitive area around the eyes and your guys are sure to love this eye gel! Not only does it visibly reduce the signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines by up to 71% in just 4 weeks, it also refreshes the eye area and promotes skin firmness. This product is easy to use with a cooling roller ball that soothes and moisturizes.

Gel Cleanser $26
Deep cleansing is a must and this gel is refreshing and invigorating. The formula removes oil and helps slough off dead skin cells without drying out the skin. It also helps minimize the appearance of ingrown hairs and is great for men of all ages, including younger men who need a thorough cleanse to help reduce acne.

Soothing Moisturizer $29
This is another great product for use after shaving, it helps reduce redness and irritation while repairing damaged skin. It improves hydration by up to 40% in as little as 30 mins for a soft, smooth texture. The moisturizer contains horse chestnut and which hazel for suppleness without any residue.

This line smells masculine, is easy to incorporate into a daily skincare routine and yields visible results men are sure to love! You can find it by clicking HERE.

~Happy shopping!

 **Disclaimer: products were provided to review

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  1. All of these products look so nice! I bet my boyfriend would love to try some of them :)



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