Monday, December 29, 2014

Novex Deep Conditioning Treatment Review

A few months ago I received a small packet of the Novex Brazilian Keratin Deep Conditioner to try in my Beauty Box Five and just one use was enough to convince me that it was worth a more thorough review! Since I value soft, healthy, manageable hair I am always on the hunt for products to tame my mane and keep my tresses flowing beautifully.

This deep conditioning treatment by Embelleze Rio Brazillian Secrets has quickly become a must-have product in my hair care routine. Once a week I slather on a treatment to rejuvenate my hair and during the winter I definitely need more hydration.

The first time I used the conditioner I felt and saw results right away! As the product coats my hair, it instantly feels softer and looks smoother. If you frequently use heat styling tools, the conditioner helps erase some of the visible signs of damage and increases resiliency and shine.

This deep treatment is popular among Brazilian women and is used by hair stylist and professionals. It is described as “hair food” and the deep restorative properties come from the addition of vitamin E and keratin which is an important protein in the formulation of hair fiber. Keratin is also the component that minimizes damage by strengthening hair and this reinforcement leads to less breakage and split-ends. Unlike some keratin and protein treatments this one does not make hair feel brittle or stiff, in fact the results are quite the opposite.

With this treatment, keratin is able to penetrate the hair structure and begin working in just three minutes which makes it very easy to use. The large jar contains 35.3 Oz which lasts up to 42 applications and the high potency formula is enriched with vitamins and smells pleasant.

How to use:
The directions suggest that you apply the conditioner after shampooing, leave on for 15 mins, rinse well and style as usual. Although I do condition post-shampoo I also like to comb or finger comb my hair after application which distributes the conditioner evenly.

I then apply a plastic shower cap and sit under my dryer attachment cap for 15-30 mins. The heat/steam from the cap always seems to produce best deep treatment results and makes my hair ultra soft. If you don’t have a dryer cap another method is covering your hair with a plastic shower cap and applying heat from your blow dryer over the cap to heat it up and increase absorption. Please note however that the use of heat is not required to use this conditioner. (I purchased my dryer cap at Sally’s Beauty Supply, you can check it out by clicking HERE

The treatment is amazing for dry hair types and puts the spring back in my natural curls! I also like using it prior to flat ironing or curling because it strengthens and makes my hair look less frizzy and unruly.

Below is a photo I recently posted after testing a new curling iron; I had used the conditioner before drying and styling and about 3 times prior. I really like that the results are long-lasting and it makes my hair look healthier, shiner and more moisturized. The treatment is also available in packets which are great for travel.

I also have the Revitay Brazilian Keratin Protect and Repair Shampoo which is formulated to deep cleanse and repair for shine and body. Although this shampoo may work well with the other products in the line, I stopped using shampoos that contain sodium laureth sulfate because I try to cleanse without removing too much natural oil. The shampoo does smell good and contains no salt.

Overall I am definitely sticking with this deep conditioner for a while because I love having healthy, hydrated hair! You can check out the products by clicking HERE.

**Disclaimer: products provided for review


  1. Your hair is so shiny and gorgeous!

    1. Thanks so much! I try to take very good care of it! During the summer I don't use heat at all, I don't use sulfates and I try to handle with care. This conditioner def helps too!


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