Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sephora Limited Edition Holiday Makeup Brush Sets

Although many of us are still recuperating from the holiday festivities and getting ready to ring in the New Year, there may still be time to grab some of the beautiful limited edition holiday tools at your local Sephora before they disappear!

The Pure Luxury Antibacterial Brush Set is perfect for makeup lovers who are on the hunt for great brushes but don’t get around to cleaning them as often as they should. All of the bristles in this set have an antibacterial treatment that is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and resistant to most bacteria. This feature helps extend the life of your brushes and keeps them fresher for longer. They are also suitable for sensitive skin and are good quality!

The chic black and gold set contains 7 brushes:
*Powder brush
*Foundation Brush
*Angled eye shadow brush
*Eye shadow brush
*Concealer brush
*Flat eyeliner brush
*Brow comb
*Faux leather pouch.

I absolutely love the packaging of this collection! The pouch is adorned in silver glitter so it looks very stylish and the handles of the brushes are also sprinkled in pretty sparkle making the set appear glamorous and very appropriate for New Year's Eve tomorrow! It has a magnetic closure and each brush is held in its own slot.

The synthetic bristles are ultra soft, flexible, and feel luxurious and comfortable against the skin. The eye shadow brushes work well for patting on shadow to build up color and they also blend well. The flat concealer brush is great for spot treatments and applying product under the eyes.

My favorite brush is the fluffy powder brush; it picks up product efficiently and distributes it softly for seamless application.

The eyebrow comb is handy to have but for the price of the set it should have included another makeup brush instead since brow combs are rather standard. Overall this is a beautiful basic kit that is perfect for travel, beginners, everyday use and Makeup Artists. It retails for $75.

The All a Glow Brush Set also comes in an elegant travel-friendly black and gold case containing 5 essential brushes including:
*Countour brush
*Cream blush brush
*Foundation brush
*Highlight brush
*Concealer brush

I love cream blush but I don’t always like applying it, especially if I have to do so with my fingers so the cream blush brush is a nice addition. Like the Pure Luxury set this one also contains brushes with soft bristles although most of these are duo-fiber.

The handles of these brushes are rather short and small which makes full face makeup application a bit difficult to complete; they are however nicely designed for touch-ups on the go. The clutch is great to keep in your purse and I find myself popping it out when my makeup needs to be refreshed.

I am not a huge fan of the black contour brush due to the shape, texture of the bristles and its application ability but I do like the little highlight brush which also works great for spot touch-ups and placing product smoothly into the texture of skin. The compact size and overall travel functionality of the collection serves it purpose well, especially for a frequent vacationer like me! This set retails for $46.

**Disclaimer: products provided for review


  1. These look lovely! Probably one of the prettiest sets I've seen. Pretty neat that it comes with an extra travel case too! Happy New Year Erica! x

    1. Hi Natalie, thanks and Happy New Year to you! The set is gorgeous, I love anything with glitter lol. They don't come with an extra case but each set comes with its own case, 1 case per set :)

  2. I haven't tried any brushes from Sephora and always tempted to. I love cute packaging and this set looks so pretty. Perfect for on-the-go. Happy New Year!

  3. This set is gorgeous! I love the glitter handles!

  4. What sparkly brushes! I love anything that glitters. I will be looking out for these next time I am in sephora. They seem to have 1000 brushes available and they are all displayed in a giant box at the front of the store.



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