Friday, March 18, 2016

Annabelle Big Show Lip Lacquer Review

Annabelle Cosmetics is inspiring makeup lovers to chase away the winter blues and show off our pretty pouts with their new long lasting Lip Lacquers! Nothing reminds me of warm weather and spring flowers like a gorgeous pop of color and this stunning collection is definitely bringing sexy back!

When we think of the word (lacquer) what often comes to mind is vibrant color but some formulas can dry flat and enhance lip texture and lines. I am happy to report that there is nothing flat or boring when it comes to these beauties, in fact when I first opened the box I was very impressed with the gorgeous yet modest range of pigments.

There are only 6 shades in the line but the brand really showcases the most intense, trendiest hues to suit a variety of preferences. They’ve included one nude for those who like to keep it simple plus pinks, red, coral and an amazing pink-purple called Hypnotize Deeply that will knock your socks off!

What you’re getting with this collection is a triple threat: lacquer, gloss and stain all-in-one! The formula is rich, creamy and bold plus they smell absolutely scrumptious! The applicator is standard but works well to spread the lush color across the lips and the shiny, mirror-like finish makes your pout look full and plump!

Annabelle really hit it out of the park with this collection, the shades are outstanding and quite versatile. If you crave sheer coverage then layer thinly and if you want more saturation just swipe heavier. The vivid show-stopping colors are lightweight and non-sticky with good pigmentation.

One of the great things about this brilliant formula is that it doesn’t sacrifice comfort for color. The lacquer stays rather moist for a sumptuous veil of hydration and as they wear away my lips feel soft and supple. Although the color does last quite a while they tend to smudge during eating and drinking which is standard with most glossy textures.

If you only pick up a couple shades may I suggest Love Fiercely which is a sexy, multidimensional red with a stunning finish that seems to have a chromatic effect and Hypnotize Deeply which I mentioned earlier. These two are the deepest pigments in the collection and are great for every season and skin tone. The only shade that fell a little short was Adore Simply which sadly got washed out in the swatch photo above due to lighting. This color didn't quite build up to the opaqueness of the others but if you like silvery, frosted hues then go for it.

Annabelle Cosmetics can be found at major drugstores across Canada and the lacquers retail for $9.95. For more info you can visit the website by clicking HERE.

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