Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Sanuk Shoe Review

Before I was contacted to try out an innovative concept in the world of footwear I was not familiar with Sanuk but like most fashionistas I never say no to shoes! Being new to the brand I didn’t know what to expect and much of the online collection looked very casual, laid back, eco-chic and hippy. As I did more research I learned that the line was created by a free-spirited surfer who set out to build a brand that is as much about fun as it is about function, creativity and innovation.

Sanuk is the Thai word for fun and the brand is very much about leisure with its most popular designs being the Yoga Mat Sandals and the Sidewalk Surfer - the world’s first sandal-shoe hybrid. The spirit of the brand evokes adventure, art and freedom which is why the shoes are very earthy and basic.

Although I do consider myself pretty adventurous and a world traveler my style is more glam than Boho-chic but there are shoes on the website that I like. One of the main reasons I wanted to try this brand is because I am tired of uncomfortable, pinching styles that look cute but kill my feet. Sometimes it’s okay to sacrifice fashion for comfort but other times you want to be able to go about your day without having your foot warped into the unnatural vertical angle of your high heels.

For me another major benefit of having a pair of shoes made for real life is simply for walking! This may be the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever owned, in fact it doesn’t even feel like my feet are in shoes, they feel more like my favorite pair of well worn house slippers that have become a source of comfort and relaxation.

The style I got is called KATLASH and they are made of a very light, breathable fabric with a flexible sole for range of motion. They retail for $85.00 and are also available in light grey (shown below).

When I vacation in Europe the cobblestones and long days of constant walking really takes a toll on my feet. These shoes are going to Florence with me on Friday because they fit well, are incredibly comfortable and they don’t pinch or squeeze any part of my feet! I can also wear them for walking long distances and they are even great for jogging.

As mentioned many of the styles from Sanuk are quite simple and hippy but the pair I got are quite stylish for leisure shoes and go well with jeans, yoga pants or shorts. I love that they slip on and off with ease and they are great for active days and running errands.

With a motto like “never uncomfortable” the brand has big shoes to fill...(pun totally intended) and they definitely deliver! If you have foot or associated lower back pain I think these are some of the best shoes to help your sore, tired feet recover! The collection also includes ballet flats, flip flops, boots and more in many prints and shades.

If you need a pair of super comfortable shoes that your feet will love visit the website by clicking HERE.

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