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Wycon Cosmetics Review: Italian Makeup Haul

If you follow me on social media then you are probably aware that I recently went to Italy! This was my third trip to the beautiful country but my first time touring Florence and the surrounding countryside of Tuscany

The last thing I expected to find on the ancient, almost medieval streets of Sienna (home to the first bank in the world) was a modern, upbeat makeup shop, but that is exactly what I stumbled upon as my tour group shopped for souvenirs. As our guide continued to educate the group my sister and I made a mad dash into the store, unable to resist new makeup.

~ Sienna Italy ~

I was unfamiliar with Wycon Cosmetics but the helpful sales ladies informed us that it is a new brand produce exclusively in Italy. Since Wycon is just gaining momentum there aren’t many locations around the country.

I love discovering brands from the places I travel and Wycon is definitely unique! In a city known for its beautiful ruins, architecture and old traditions I found intersterallar baked eye shadows and rich pigments that stopped me in my tracks. Looking back I wish I hadn’t contained my inner beauty junkie and allowed myself to purchase more because I’m totally smitten!

This drop dead gorgeous shadow that looks like it fell from space is called 04 Smearaldo. It is part of the brand's Disco Collection and has an amazing shimmering emerald, pearlized finish that I find irresistible! As you twist the globe in the light you can see flecks of blue, lime shimmer and deeper greens that all blend together to create a truly mesmerizing hue. I have nothing like this in my collection and for around 5 € it was a steal!

The pigmentation is wonderful with or without primer and on the skin it shows up as a deep, bold emerald with a black base and a light layer of metallic sparkle (not chunky glitter). I didn’t have any issue with fallout and the color builds beautifully if you want to layer and intensify.  

I also picked up a Baked Eye Shadow in a pretty frosted purple. These can be used wet or dry and there are two numbers on the back to identify the shade - (100/5215) but no name. I am obsessed with this color and recently wore it to fashion week. I created a bombshell smokey look by pairing it with a deep plum-purple in the crease.

The texture of this formula is very silky, soft, slightly creamy and extremely pigmented! You can achieve full coverage, knock-out color without using a base and a little goes a long way. Just one swipe with a brush picks up enough shadow to deliver high impact, stunning color.

In certain light the purple can appear a tad pink with a strong silver undertone and it looks beautiful on its own or paired with a deeper crease color. If I ever come across these beauties again I will definitely stock up!

The brand also sells skincare, fragrances and accessories and you can visit the website by clicking HERE although if you don’t speak Italian you will have to translate it.

For me no trip to Europe is complete without a stop at Kiko! I am totally obsessed with this brand and wish they would make their way to Canada but we are always last to get the good stuff.

The Kiko stores around the area of Florence where I stayed (Piazza del Duomo) weren’t as well stocked as the shops in Spain where the selection is more versatile. I did however pick up a gorgeous purple lipstick! To be honest I didn’t NEED another purple lipstick and this one isn’t unique but it was just 3,90 € and I like the shade - (931). The finish is semi-matte with subtle shine and a pink undertone.

Admittedly I have more nail polish that I know what to do with and they seem to be taking over my beauty shelves. There are shades I’ve had for years and never used so I don’t usually buy lacquer. That being said I buckled and got a couple more (don’t judge). I love Kiko’s polish and these amazing shades were gorgeous and too unique to pass up!

I picked up 530 (on the left) which looks like the solar system and reminds me of mermaids. It is a stunning blend of blue, green, silver and gold shimmer! The formula is one of the best I’ve used because the consistency is slightly thicker yet non-gloopy and it applies almost gel-like. It also adheres well without pooling or bleeding all over the place and one dip was enough to opaquely cover 3 nails.

The sparkly aqua green to the right is number 531 and the color is bright and cheerful! The shimmer polishes from Kiko are great and even if the shade isn't full coverage in one layer you can usually build it up to achieve opaqueness without too much thickness or long drying time. The polish retails for about 2,50 €.

If you are in Europe or traveling to a country in Europe and you see either of these brands I definitely recommend checking them out!


  1. Gorgeous cosmetics. I would love to try Kiko products one day. Xx

  2. We were in Siena earlier this month and stumbled upon the same makeup shop. My wife bought some packets of the Maschera occhi No-Stress product that reduces puffiness under the eyes. We're trying to find a place to order it in USA. Any suggestions?

    1. Hey William,
      Sorry for the delayed reply I was off on another trip lol. Wycon is fantastic, glad your wife found it too! I don't live in the U.S but as far as I know this particular brand is unique to Italy and is only sold in a few cities in the region. You'd have to check the website to see if they deliver to the U.S but as far as I know they have no shops in America or Canada.


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