Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tangle Teezer Review: New Products & Styling Tools

A couple weeks ago I attended a Tangle Teezer event hosted by the creator of the styling tools himself – Shaun P. I wasn’t sure what to expect since I hadn’t jumped on the bandwagon when these creative brushes were taking the beauty industry by storm and gaining quick popularity but the innovative, ergonomic design has made quite an impact on how we tackle tangles.

As I watched the demonstration and familiarized myself with the products I was impressed by the new selection. The brand has advanced from pesky knots to include an array of products targeted at specific hair types, styling and a busy lifestyle.

The Blow-Styling Hairbrush was designed to change the way we think about straightening. Shaun mentioned that he doesn’t believe in using heat and irons to flatten hair and tame curls into submission but instead prefers to smooth and shine. As someone with natural ringlet curls I was floored at the notion of achieving straight styles without using my flat iron and the idea of not having to subject my hair to thermal damage while still achieving fabulous results was a ground breaking concept!

The brush is designed to work on damp hair so there is no need to pre-dry. The concept is that blow drying damp hair helps lock in moisture and the quick drying teeth rapidly extracts surface water from the hair shaft leaving it silky, glossy and less frizzy.

The brush works with any blow dryer to quickly style and smooth curls and waves without losing body and bounce for salon quality results. The goal is to make hair look incredible without losing natural movement and gorgeous flow.

The teeth glide through hair effortlessly to deliver free-flow tension without pulling or dragging. Unlike the other Tangle Teezers which are designed for knots these bristles are thick, extra sturdy and not as flexible so they stand up to the heat of your dryer and you can get in close to smooth unruly curls around the hairline. The large grooves also allows for easy cleaning and removing loose hair without causing damage to the brush.

Now for the million dollar question - did it actually straighten out and smooth my curls? The answer to that is no.  After blow drying and brushing out the curls my hair was quite fuzzy and not very sleek so I still needed to flat iron but it definitely sped up the drying process which is totally worth it! I liked how gentle it was as I styled but I guess it works better on loose curl patterns or wavy hair. I also noticed that the black coloring on the back of the brush and teeth started rubbing off on my hands which was quite odd. I'm hoping this is temporary. 

Curly girls who love the original Tangle Teezer are going to jump for joy when they try the new version for curls and waves which also includes afro hair and thicker textures. Whether you have long soft ringlets like me, tight spirals or loose beach waves this brush is made for you!

The teeth are longer with some shorter ones dispersed in-between for superior yet gentle detangling. I love that they get right into the twists and turns of curly hair to efficiently remove knots big and small and I don’t feel like my hair is being ripped out or damaged.

For those with tightly formed curls you know that brushing after styling loosens the shape and makes hair look poofy, fuzzy and big so I use the brush in the shower with a nice slippery conditioner and then apply my leave-ins without any post-brushing.

It definitely does a better job than my wide tooth comb which doesn't quite get to the smaller tangles and I like that the flexible teeth also massage my scalp and improve circulation to promote healthy hair growth. Like all products from this brand the brush is ergonomic and the concave design provides improved non-slip grip. If I apply my deep conditioners after I get out of the shower I use this brush to help distribute the creamy formulas which makes a huge difference in treatment results! The original brush retails for $22.00.

If you like to detangle while in the shower like I do then the new Aqua Splash is a great grooming tool! The oval, hollowed-out body may look unconventional and slightly odd but it was designed to ensure a non-slip, wraparound grip which is great for use in water and the curve makes it comfortable to hold. Unlike the blow drying brush this one is not meant to be used with heat but you can use it whenever hair is wet for improved detangling with no pulling, breaking or snags.

The cool thing about this brush is that it was created to take your hair care routine to the next level by turning regular shampooing and conditioning into detox and hydrating treatments! I wasn't expecting to like this brush as much as I did but I noticed immediate results as I brushed through my conditioner. My hair felt smooth, and my curls were more dense, lush, soft and beautifully formed! The brushing action of the fine, spindly teeth allows product to wrap around and drench each strand which greatly enhances my conditioning treatments and it took less time to detangle and achieve silky results from my hair masks.

The Aqua Splash also helps retain moisture for a weightless blow dry and a fabulous finish plus the shape allows it to stand upright in the shower and helps with rinsing and self-cleaning. I did notice that the brush seems to push tangles from roots to ends and if you aren't vigilant the knots can congregate in clumps so make sure to get them all or you'll have quite a mess on your hands!

Although products do wash out easily I would love it if the brand released a brush cleaner that could get in-between the teeth and pick out all the stray hairs that get trapped because they aren't always easy to remove. I also like that the brush helps contain loose hair so you get less strands slipping down the drain and clogging your pipes! The shower brush retails for $22.00.

If you keep a brush in your purse like I do, Tangle Teezer has you covered! The brand also offers mini on-the-go versions of their most popular brush in a wide variety of cute designs and trendy patterns to suit your mood and style! I have the pink animal print which is fun and a little wild!

These handy minis come with a safety cover that snaps in place over the teeth so there are no mishaps as you dig through your purse. My long hair tends to tangle very easily especially on windy days so this little brush keeps my tresses in check. It is also great for travel and I like to pop it in my carry-on to revive my hair during long flights. The compact brushes retail for $25.00.

You can find Tangle Teezer products at Sephora and Sephora.ca

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