Thursday, March 17, 2016

L’Oréal Infallible Pro Matte Gloss Review

Recently I’ve reviewed and tested an abundance of new lip products and amidst all my swatching I noticed a common trend, it seems to be the season of matte lip creams and liquid lipstick! More brands are recognizing our love of vivid, stand-out color combined with comfort and style and in true L’Oréal fashion the brand has knocked it out of the park with a collection of magnificent matte gloss.

When it comes to bold, sassy color these babies have your back! Don’t let the word “gloss” fool you; this formula glides on velvety smooth, intense, rich and full-coverage for pouty lips that don’t quit! Just one swipe delivers lush, vibrant pigment and a moisturizing texture that keeps skin soft and comfortable for as long as the color lasts.

Although the packaging is gloss-like the consistency is creamy, silky and whipped and the finish is semi-matte as they are a tad shiny. The brand decided to kick it up a notch with a flattened, spade shaped applicator for enhanced dimension and I love that the formula is supple and mousse-like for easier spread and consistent coverage.

In terms of drugstore lip creams these rank among the best and the ten available shades are nice. There are 4-5 neutral hues and the rest fall within the pink to berry range. Although there isn’t a lot of color differentiation in the collection the vivacious pigmentation makes them irresistible and there is a shade for every preference and complexion.

If you are browsing the makeup section at your local drugstore I definitely recommend checking out these fabulous liquid lip colors, they are great for all seasons!

You can visit the website by clicking HERE

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