Thursday, December 29, 2016

Avon Makeup Artist Palette Review

Over the years Avon has released many beautiful pigments but when you name a color collection the “Makeup Artist Palette” expectations are high. 

Although the packaging is unassuming and simple, the spectrum of color inside is very impressive!

The palette includes 30 eye shadows, 1 contour, 2 highlights, 3 blushes, 5 lip glosses, applicators and a large mirror. The shade selection is stunning with a beautiful range of deep smoky blues, vivid greens, bronze, copper, black, grey, purple, brown, nude, gold, silver, cream and more! There isn’t one shade in here that I don’t like and the contrast of solid mattes and dazzling shimmer allows you to create countless looks.

In terms of basic artistry you get fabulous lid colors, transition hues, crease contours and highlights with the versatility to go deep and smoldering or bright, bold and neutral. Overall the pigmentation varies slightly by shade and finish but for the most part the shadows are highly saturated and buildable. The shimmers have amazing color pay-off with a silky smooth texture that glides on effortlessly and appears radiant. The mattes are creamy, soft and easy to blend while the few glittery hues are soft and sheer. (To intensify the shadows apply over primer)

The quality of the formula is very good and if you ask me these are some of the best eye shadows Avon has released to date (excluding the mark brand) which is still my fave!

Below I've swatched a few shadows to demonstrate vibrancy. Compared to some of the higher-end palettes Iv'e tested recently, many of these pigments are comparable, especially the gold and champagne hues.

I wish the color palette above had the same formula as the shadows but they aren't as impressive. The matte bronzer is not really deep enough for contouring but with only one shade to handle this task catering to every skin tone is impossible. The silver and pink highlights are mild, shimmery and sheer but they still provide a faint natural glow. The blushes are probably the only downside to this collection because they are sheer to the point of non-existence. I was not able to generate any color from them which is unfortunate since the shades are nice. Despite this shortcoming I still think the palette is totally worth it for the eye shadows alone!

The glosses are very creamy and hydrating with luminous finishes and just enough sheer pigmentation to produce a pretty tint.

Although I don’t think the gloss, blush and bronzer is a high selling point, the eye shadows are beautiful and ideal for professional or personal use. The palette retails for $30.00 and is currently on sale for $24.00 at

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