Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Quo 2016 Holiday Collection: True Artist Lip & Cheek Palette Review

Quo has so many gift sets to choose from it can be difficult to pick favorites. Today I’m featuring another rather large palette from the holiday collection which includes eye shadow, lip color, bronzer, highlighter and blush.

If you like neutral tones, the True Artist Palette has a lot of them! There are 24 shades ranging from taupe, gold, brown, silver and cream plus a few greys, blue and black for contrast. I also like that the outside of the palette has sticker swatches displaying all the colors.

The texture of the shadow is smooth and slightly creamy but the pigmentation varies throughout. Some of the rich browns, nude tones and bright baby blue apply medium coverage and can be enhanced while a few others are sheer with very little color. There are some flattering shimmers, rich crease contours, mild transition hues and nice highlights but you may have to layer heavier to achieve maximum intensity and I highly recommend a good primer to prolong wear.

For everyday use, the shadows provide soft day looks and you can deepen things up with the smoky shades. The top row has too many white tones for my taste and there is also a lot of beige. I would have liked more color variation and pigmentation but I am still able to create some nice effects. I wouldn’t really classify this as an “artist palette” because the formula isn’t quite there but for beginners and those who prefer simple looks it gets the job done.  

The lip glosses are my favorite thing about the palette. There are 3 nude shades and 3 berry-red tints that are quite flattering. The deeper tones are light, sheer and moisturizing with a bright pop of color and you can amp-up the pigmentation a little for more saturation. The nude hues are also quite nice with gold, clear and pink undertones that add luminous shine. The only downside to having lip gloss in a large palette is that you can’t reapply on-the-go.  

The last row consists of blush, bronzer and a highlight but overall they didn’t have the color pay-off I hoped for. The last blush applies quite light even though it looks deeper and the browns are too sheer for contouring so I use them as eye shadow.

This palette retails for $45.00 exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart and although not every pigment is a winner, there are definitely some pretty hues. If you are looking for a multi-purpose palette from this collection I’d go with the Color Wonderland set which you can read about HERE.  

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