Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Pür Minerals Best Sellers Kit Review: 5 Piece Beauty-To-Go Collection

If you are new to a particular beauty brand and have no idea what to try, the best sellers and blogger approved items can be a good place to start. Pür Minerals has selected 5 of their most popular products for this fabulous kit and they even provide a how-to guide should you need a little help.

The Correcting Primer comes in a mini tube and this stuff is wonderful! It instantly transforms rough, uneven skin into a smooth, silky canvass for flawless foundation, minimized pores and a shine-free finish. I like that the texture is not too slick or silicone feeling and although I still need a moisturizer underneath, it does provides light hydration so skin isn't dry and flaky.

The Big Look Mascara is definitely a cult fave and the spikey little bristles grab each hair and extend them up and out for added length, volume and thickness. It even grips the bottom lashes for a pretty fanned-out effect and the formula is infused with nourishing argan oil for protection and moisture. (Individually the mascara retails for $21.00)

The 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup is foundation, powder, concealer and sun protector all-in-one. It contains SPF 15 for a little UV protection and is available in 5 colors so you can find a shade suitable for your skin tone including: tan – (the one featured here), light tan, blush medium, blush light and golden medium. I wasn’t sure this color was going to match but it sets my foundation well and blends in seamlessly for light coverage. It also has brightening and mattifying benefits so skin looks fresh and healthy. The pigment has a smooth finish and helps conceal any blemishes not totally camouflaged by my regular corrector. The powder in the kit is roughly half the amount of the full-size version (which is still a lot) and there are 11 shades (4 deeper than this one and 6 lighter).

The Mineral Glow is my favorite product in the kit and you get the full-size version which retails for $25.00 individually. This velvety powder with radiant gold undertones is beautiful! Unlike many highlighters it doesn’t have an immense amount of glitter particles, instead there is a soft dusting of finely milled shimmer embedded in a luminous base. This formula appears more natural but still gives you the glow you crave or a sun-kissed effect depending on which shade you choose. On medium, olive and deep skin tones this is the perfect complexion enhancing color.

The kit also comes with a flat top chisel brush which is designed to apply the pressed foundation. I also use it to buff in primer and foundation because the top is flat and the soft bristles blend effortlessly.

The only thing missing is a lip color and since the Pür Minerals Lip Lure Lacquers are amazing, I would have loved to see one in the kit. Other than that, this is a fantastic deal and a great gift for the holidays! The collection retails for $45.00 available at Shoppers Drug Mart and beautyboutique.ca

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