Friday, December 16, 2016

Sephora 2016 Holiday Collection and Gift Sets!

Sephora is usually bustling with shoppers all year but during the holiday season it is one of the most popular one-stop-shop for all things makeup and beauty. If you aren’t up to braving the cold, battling for a parking spot or elbowing your way through the lipsticks, you can always shop online or download the new Sephora app which gives you access to the entire store, specials and beauty inspiration. (Click HERE for more info)

Every girl loves a pretty makeup bag to store all her essentials and this year there are a ton of options with lots of sparkle! One of my favorites is the Glitter, Gold & Everything Bold Clutch which is perfect for makeup and personal items like your cell phone. This glamorous bag can be slipped into a tote or suitcase and carried as an accessory to glamorize your outfit. It retails for $33.00.

For those who travel frequently, the Sparkle & Shine Weekender bag with cream background and flashy chevron pattern is spacious and trendy.

The bag has labelled compartments for jewelry, toiletries and makeup so you can keep organized and stay stylish. I love that the glitter doesn’t rub off so I will definitely be taking it on my next trip, it retails for $48.00.

The Jetsetter Personalized Clutch makes a cute gift for every woman on your list. I keep it in my purse and fill it with lipstick, powder, blotting papers, hand sanitzer, mini mirror and grooming tools. It retails for $25.00 but you may have to hurry since many initials are already sold out.

Another cute option is the Objects of My Perfection makeup bag which is simple, sparkly and totally fashionable. It retails for $25.00.

Let me introduce you to Studley – a cute little pom-pom atop a makeup sponge travel case. You can detach this little guy and hook him to your key chain plus he comes with a Sephora Air Brush Sponge in a breathable mesh carrying case for drying, storage and protection. Studley retails for $23.00.

The sponge applicators can be used wet or dry and work with all makeup formulations although I mostly use them for liquid foundation. They also come in the Trio Set which includes one full-size sponge, two minis and a little bar cleanser for $15.00.

The holiday brush sets are handy tools and beautiful decor for your vanity area. The Glitter Happy Collection comes with 6 brushes for: crease blending, blush, powder, concealer, shadow and lips plus a dazzling stand. Although the brushes have a glossy coating that isn't quite professional quality, they are soft and sleek. The set might be a little more about trendy design and stunning packaging than flawless application but it gets the job done and retails for $74.00. I also recommend using extreme care when removing everything from the packaging since it is glued in and using too much force can break the handles.

House of Lashes released the Holiday Gem Set featuring a beautiful multi-level gold case, 2 bottles of adhesive (in black and white) and their bestselling seductress lashes. There are three tiers, a mirror and a compartment underneath for storing tools which makes it great for travel and ladies who can’t live without their lashes.

The Double Time Double Ended Brush Set is almost too gorgeous to use so I think I’ll just sit here and marvel at its beauty. It comes with a shiny gold crackle pouch and 5 brushes for the face and eyes which is really more like 10 brushes since they are 2-in-one.

The rungs that hold the brushes in the pouch are velcro and can be fastened around the handles so you don’t have to slide them in and distort the bristles. The material isn’t super plush but it is soft enough and feels gentle on the skin. This set also has the same glossy coating which makes them feel more artificial but the eye brushes blend quite well and I can’t get over the handles! The set retails for $93.00.

~Happy shopping and be sure to check out my previous posts for more great gift ideas!

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