Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Belif The True Cream - Moisturizing Bomb & Aqua Bomb Review

Korean skincare is taking the beauty industry by storm and since embracing the trend I've tried many popular brands. With so much to choose from it can be difficult to decide what to try but the Moisturizing Bomb Face Cream by Belif is ranked the #1 beauty product in Korea across all categories! Being the best in a highly competitive market is no small feat. It means delivering impressive ingredients and amazing skin transformations to gain a permanent place in our daily routine. 

I’ve been testing these coveted moisturizers for a few months and I'm excited to announce that Belif has finally launched here in Canada! 

Belif is known as “the true herb cosmetic brand” for inheriting 150 years of British Herbalist traditions and manufacturing expertise stemming from Scotland. The skincare is formulated with medical herbs and excludes harmful irritants such as mineral oil, synthetic fragrance, dye, preservatives and animal bi-products making is safe for all skin types. To ensure true quality the company focuses more on effective ingredients rather than fancy packaging so the jars and bottles are quite simplistic.   

Whether your skin type is dry, normal, combination or oily, there is one thing we all have in common - we need moisture! To maintain optimum epidermis health the Moisture Bomb Face Cream envelops the skin in lush, cushiony hydration that lasts up to 26 hours! The indulgent, pampering formula soothes on contact and is loaded with skin softening ingredients like comfrey leaf extract - known for its healing and regenerative effects. The light, non-greasy texture leaves my complexion silky and resilient without causing excess oil production throughout the day. It also takes care of rough, peeling skin caused by harsh climate.

Under makeup I use a thin layer and for a quick emergency moisture treatment apply a generous amount, leave it on for a few mins and then tissue-off the excess. 

The Aqua Bomb is perfect for those who prefer a refreshing gel texture that is a tad lighter and more water-based. Similar to the cream, this product provides a blast of moisture infused with antioxidant rich Lady’s Mantle – a natural herb used for anti-aging. For my skin I've come up with an incredible blend: after cleansing I use a booster to increase product absorption, apply a layer of gel and finish up with the cream. The layering method creates a fabulous night mask and I awake to supple, dewy skin!

The cream and gel retail for $47.00 each at THEFACESHOP, Fruits and Passions stores across Canada and sephora.com in the U.S.

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