Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Make-Up Designory Canadian Launch & Review

In the spirit of freshening-up your makeup bag for summer Make-Up Designory (MUD) is now officially available in Canada at 10 Sears locations. The renowned New York and Los Angeles brand has been a popular choice with makeup professionals for decades offering high quality pigments, tools and customizable palette options.

I had never tried or heard very much about this brand until recently but their makeup brushes are excellent! The #600 Blender Brush ($32.00) has sturdy bristles and a tapered fluffy point that is perfect for buffing color into the crease without disrupting the surrounding shadow. It is firm yet soft against the skin so you can create the perfect cut crease, sharp sculpting and seamless results with no shedding. You can also use it for precise concealer application.

I am very impressed with the craftsmanship of the #615 Buffer Brush ($52.00). The sleek design, soft fibers and rounded surface blends cream or liquid foundation flawlessly to camouflage trouble areas and smooth skin texture. I haven’t experienced any shedding and this is definitely a brush any Makeup Artist would be proud to have in their kit.

The Eye Color Refills are magnetized and sold individually for $8.00 each so you can purchase empty customizable palettes or the single palettes for $3.50. The shades I have are flattering on all complexions and ideal for creating a sultry smokey effect with both shimmer and matte finishes. The pigments are simple and pure so the colors apply exactly as they appear in the pan and go from sheer to medium pigmentation with some shades offering bold saturation. The silky texture is soft and slightly creamy for easy blending but I recommend a good primer to enhance vibrancy and longevity.

The shades featured above are: Smoked Sapphire (deep navy), Semisweet (mid tone brown), Pyramid (mild gold), Moss (sheer green) and Black which can also be used as a liner.

A good setting powder is essential for long lasting makeup, refined pores and the appearance of even skin so I also tested the Zero Loose Powder ($28.00). The finely-milled, formula is soft and ultra light to effectively set makeup and color without settling into lines or looking cakey. There are several tints available but this universal shade has no color and helps control shine so your face looks fresh and matte. It also helps correct minor textural flaws and makes skin feel silky.

MUD is now available at Sears locations in Fairview Mall, Erin Mills Town Center, Stone Road Mall, Oshawa Center Promenade, Maple View Center and online at

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