Monday, May 29, 2017

Tresor Rare Ultimate Pearl Protecting and Defending Cream Review

I love traveling but I hate what it does to my complexion. My recent trip to Budapest and Vienna was fantastic but the long, skin-drying flight, drastic temperature change, environmental elements and jet lag definitely took a toll. I spent time in the sun which caused tanning and heat rash plus the change in time zone and fatigue led to irritation and dullness. After the trip I needed skincare that was potent, advanced and effective so I started using the Ultimate Pearl Cream by Tresor. This product is definitely a luxury item with a price tag of $399.00 but the complex blend of nourishing ingredients and pure pearl powder sourced from deep waters have incredible rejuvenating benefits.

Pure pearl powder is an ancient Chinese beauty secret that has been used for over 3,000 years for bright, luminous skin and is considered a “magic cure” for eliminating unwanted conditions. Infused with rose hip, jojoba, sweet almond, diamond powder, Dead Sea salt, dandelion, beta carotene, oat, ginkgo biloba, plant stem cells, aloe and minerals sourced from around the world, the cream stimulates natural anti-oxidant defenses, detoxifies and protects. 

It also has amazing anti-aging benefits to firm, tone, reduce wrinkles, fill-in lines and enhance elasticity while fighting free-radicals and daily pollutants. Within a week I began to notice smoother skin texture, softness and smaller pores. The heat rash and sun damage began to fade along with my tan as impurities were removed and my skin started to clear up and regain its youthful radiance.

The texture of the cream is rich and silky to immediately relieve dryness and sensitivity with no stickiness. As it absorbs you can feel the suppleness and a little goes a long way to hydrate and plump. It also seems to unblocked pores, reduce acne breakouts and improve the overall health of your skin for daily maintenance, balance and restoration. Tresor Ultimate Pearl is ideal for busy women who want to simplify their beauty routine with one effective product instead of various steps and formulas. 

You can use the cream during the day (although it doesn’t contain SPF) but I prefer to apply it at night to boost the reparative benefits as I get my beauty rest. The effects are increasingly evident with prolonged use so I’m hopeful that in another week my skin will be completely back to normal. You can visit the website and make purchases at

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