Friday, May 26, 2017

Dior Addict Lip Tattoo Review & NEW 5 Color Eye Shadow Palette

The new Dior Lip Tattoos may have been inspired by the trends and techniques of experts backstage at the hottest runway shows but the durable pigments are also perfect for modern woman tackling their hectic schedules with style.

This new generation of ink provides an ephemeral lip tattoo in a variety of trendy colors ranging from pale nude, universal cherry and bubbly gum pink with luminous finishes. Once applied the formula (which is 50% water) evaporates leaving behind vibrant color and a nourishing dose of emollients that provide light moisture, softness and a refreshing hint of menthol. The texture is so weightless that it doesn’t feel like lipstick at all and the tinted ink transparently fuses with the lips to boost their natural color.

Because of the moisturizing blend of water and oil, the liquid glides on cool and soothing with a juicy wash of color. The more you apply, the longer it takes to dry, but once it does the effect is similar to a pretty stain. The red is most vivid but all of the shades start out quite sheer and can be slightly enhanced for more saturation. Although they aren’t full-coverage, the tints accentuate the lips and provide brightness and comfort with little transfer. I don’t quite get a full 10 hours of wear but they do hold up well and fade nicely. The Lip Tattoos retail for $36.00 each and are available exclusively at Nordstrom.

The Dior 5 Color Eye Shadow Palettes are classic and the new color collections have been reinvented to deliver stronger pigment and richer effects. 357 Electrify has a unique intermingling of color designed to play up the eyes with silky summer hues. The shimmery pink with peachy undertones contrasts beautifully with the range of glistening blues while the silver adds a sheer wash of glittery sparkle to the areas you’d like to enhance. Although I still recommend a good primer to amp-up the pigment, I definitely notice an improvement in color pay-off and the texture is incredibly smooth, lightweight and satiny with no creasing. The palette retails for $72.00 available at Sephora and all other Dior retailers.

I love glamorous lashes but I don’t usually have the time or patience to glue on flasies. When it comes to mascara, it seems like there is a new product launched every week so it takes a lot to impress me and most of the time I don’t even review them. That being said, the Diordshow Pump’N’ Volume Mascara is fabulous! Instead of a traditional brush (which all seem to do the same thing), this one has short, spindly bristles that grab each hair to effectively lengthen and thicken. Squeezing the flexible outer tube makes the high-density formula ideally fluid so the brush receives a load of product to generously coat the hairs without clumping. The effect is thick, voluminous lashes that look stunning! The mascara retails for $37.00 

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