Friday, May 5, 2017

Rimmel The Only 1 Matte Lipstick Review & Swatches

I haven’t tried much of the new makeup from Rimmel but today I have a review you won’t want to miss! When it comes to creamy, matte lip color and sensational, show-stopping coverage the new Only 1 Matte Lipsticks go way beyond drugstore quality and even compare to some high-end brands. Since I have a large collection of lip products it takes a lot to impress me but this range is stunning!

I have a couple of the satin hues and 9 matte shades but no matter which finish you choose prepare to be amazed. The smooth, buttery texture glides across the lips to deliver intense color in each effortless swipe and no matter what your natural lip color these provide a rich opaque base so there is no patchiness or inconsistency.

The supple creaminess eradicates dryness to keep lips nourished, soft and moisturized without accentuating skin texture. In terms of comfort the lipsticks are lush yet lightweight with pure vibrancy that boldly plays-up the shape of your pout for a natural plumping effect.

The shade selection includes many trendy favorites including classic red, bright pink, rose, nude, purple, deep wine and coral so there is something for every season, style preference and skin tone.

Left to right: 500 Take The Stage, 810 The Matte Factor, 800 Under My Spell (satin finish) and 800 Run the Show. This group contains some of my favorite shades particularly 810 which is a stunning deep red.

The pigment holds up for hours of wear because it clings to the skin and resists transfer, smudging and feathering. The applications surface is also a great size for layering on color although you can use a liner for more precision. The sweet scent reminds of my Jolly Rancher candy and although the packaging isn’t fancy I like that the tubes have color bands so I can quickly find the shades I want.

Left to right: 700 Trendsetter (flesh tone nude), 200 salute (neutral pink) 600 Keep It Coral and 750 Look Who’s Talking (dark brown).

The last set is very bright and summery – 300 Listen Up (satin finish), 120 Call The Shots and 110 Leader of The Pink.

If you’re browsing the drugstore I highly recommend trying these, they retail for about $8.99 each.

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