Monday, May 1, 2017

Matrix Biolage Aqua-Gel Conditioner Review

There are many different hair types that all require specific treatments so Matrix has created the new Aqua-Gel Collection to target 4 of our most common concerns without the use of harsh parabens, silicone or oil. These products are formulated for fine, fragile hair and are gentle enough to maintain color.

Smooth Proof targets fine, frizzy hair and also helps reduce static. The light gel texture is more similar to shampoo than conditioner but it revives limp strands that don’t cope well with an overload of heavy moisture. Since my hair type is thick and long, it takes a lot of product to achieve a thorough coating and my tresses seem to suck it up without any major change in hydration or texture. On the bright side, the lovely scent leaves my mane smelling fresh and clean for days!

The Color Last Conditioner with orchid extract prolongs and enhances the vibrancy and shine of hair dye while strengthening from roots to ends. This formula is creamier than the one above so it distributes and hydrates better. I don’t color my hair but the gel does seem to revive dullness and it mixes well with other conditioners for even more dryness relief.

Volume Bloom is made for those who need a little extra lift and the illusion of thickness. It has the same gel texture (that isn’t very effective for detangling) and I have to leave it on for much longer than the recommended 3 mins to see any benefits. If you wash your hair frequently the conditioner is light enough for daily use without greasiness and since it doesn’t build-up on the scalp it makes a decent co-wash.

Hydra Source is infused with aloe to target dry, rough hair. I have to apply a very generous amount to see any changes but I did notice a minor difference in shine and softness. For those with fine hair this collection may be just what you’re looking for to get the right amount of nourishment and protection but my hair is just too thick for these formulas. I much prefer the Matrix Total Results Collection for replenishing dry hair – you can read about those products by clicking HERE.

The Aqua Gel Conditioners retail for $20.00 each. To find a salon near you visit the site at

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