Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Avon Summer Fragrances

If you’re looking for light, seasonal fragrances with the perfect balance of refreshing, summery notes then head over to avon.ca and check out the new Be Fragrance Collection. This youthful range features cute packaging and feminine scents to match your mood and capture all your fabulous sides.

The perfumes contain simple notes that combine harmoniously to create scents that you can wear on a daily basis – similar to body spray but with better longevity. They don’t overwhelm the senses or linger heavily in the air and the small bottles are convenient for travel.

Be Romantic showcases a dreamy fusion of luscious black currant, robust rose and creamy musk that mix to form a sweet, sensual blend. If you’re heading out for a candlelight dinner, or a moonlit walk on the beach, this playful floral scent is perfect for intimate encounters.

Be Daring (my personal favorite) isn’t as sugary as the other two perfumes. The warm muskiness adds a deep, seductive element that contrasts beautifully with bergamot and fresh magnolia. The aroma is quite alluring and smells even better after a few hours of wear. This fragrance is great for weekend getaways and summer parties.

Be Fun is the lightest blend with a fruity-floral infusion of sparkling pear, glowing amber and pink freesia. It is a uniform balance between the sweetness of Be Romantic and the muskiness of Be Daring. This is the kind of scent I’d spritz on before heading to brunch with the girls or browsing the farmer's market on a warm summer day.

The perfumes retail for $26.00 each at avon.ca or through independent consultants.

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