Friday, July 7, 2017

Mark Pout Lip Paint Review

If you’re on the hunt for vivacious lip color and vibrant summer hues, why not try Lip Paints – one of the hottest new beauty trends for creating a show-stopping pout.

The flashy new Paints by Mark are bright, bold and beautiful! There are 8 shades available – 4 Vinyls with a high-shine finish and 4 Velvets that are smooth and matte. The pure-pigment formula with built-in primer guarantees effortless glide and even application with each swipe.

The Velvets are available in: Quiet (flesh tone nude), Spark (electric orange-coral), Fancy (deep burgundy plum) and Fantasy (mid tone purple). If you prefer luminous gloss for a voluptuous look, the Vinyl finish comes in: Shocking (bright fuchsia), Covet (dark blackberry shimmer), Cozy (nude with pink undertone) and Glamour (vivid orange-red). All of these shades have a gorgeous lacquer glaze to showcases the color.

No matter which shades you choose, prepare to be amazed by how full-coverage and striking these colors are. They glide on rich and creamy - drenching lips in intense pigment and supple moisture for hours of comfortable wear. The matte shades seem to be more durable when it comes to resisting transfer and you can diffuse the color to create a pretty blurred effect. The Vinyls are reflective and ultra-brilliant for a polished look without stickiness. 

The applicator is a standard gloss wand but it gets the job done and the buttery texture is easy to spread and blend for precision and consistency. I don’t think there are any natural emollients in the formula but it does prevent dryness without feathering or bleeding.

The orange shades are the brightest in the collection with neon finishes that make a bold statement.

The pink and purple spectrum is my personal favorite – ranging from dazzling to deep.

If you prefer something less dramatic, the neutrals are tame yet flattering.

Mark is available at and through independent consultants

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