Tuesday, July 18, 2017

How to Rock Neutral Lipstick – Maybelline Inti-Matte Nudes & Rimmel Oh My Gloss Review

Nude lips have been very popular recently but it took a while for me to warm-up to the trend. Usually I’m drawn to bright, rich hues or deep sultry shades but sometimes simplicity is beautiful and classy. When wearing deep, smokey shadow or bold shimmering pigment, a neutral lip helps balance and tone down bright color so the look doesn’t appear harsh or too dramatic.

When going nude, it’s important to remember that there are neutral tones for every complexion and they aren’t all universal. Lighter tones look great on fair skin and pink, mauve or chocolate undertones compliment deeper complexions. Flesh tones are a bit tricky – if the shade is too bland, it can wash you out and create what I call - the corpse look. To find the best match, it’s best to swatch and sample.

When you find a good nude, you’ll know it. The shade will look just right and go with almost anything you put on your face. Glossy lips are easier to start with and you can layer the shine over most lipstick. The Oh My Gloss Collection by Rimmel offers a decent variety of sheer, comfortable neutrals with a smooth, creamy formula that provides long-lasting moisture and radiance. The texture is more plush and cushiony than the average gloss and the sheer, non-sticky finish provides a subtle hint of color to accentuate your natural lip color.

Top to bottom: 130 Purr Glossy Cat, 140 Glossip Girl, 730 Cosmic and my personal fave – 330 Snog

The color lasts up to 6 hours and glides on quick and precise when glossing-up on-the-go. It also keeps lips chap-free, luminous and plump with a soft wash of shimmer. As the gloss wears away, it leaves skin hydrated and supple - like there is a built-in layer of lip balm underneath for extra dryness relief and protection. They retail for $7.48 ea.

For solid color and better coverage, you can’t go wrong with a matte finish. The Maybelline Inti-Matte Nudes are available in 10 shades and the formula is wonderful! The velvety lipstick glides on effortlessly and with a few quick swipes I can apply the color perfectly.

Along with good pigmentation, the soft, buttery texture is moisturizing and ultra smooth – enriched with nourishing oils that keep lips healthy. Conveniently, there are also matching lip liners available for creating a neat, defined finish and I like the sweet, powdery scent.

My favorite shades are Almond Rose and Raw Chocolate

The lipsticks retail for $7.49 each and both brands are available at drugstores nationwide.

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