Monday, July 10, 2017

Garnier Fructis Super Fruits – Super Hair Review

A few weeks ago I received a large box of hair products containing 12 bottles of shampoo packaged in cute smoothie bottles infused with fruit protein. It was one of the most delicious smelling packages I’ve ever opened and the new range is paraben-free, vegan and bursting with nourishing vitamins!

Each collection is enriched with a specific fruit extract to target different hair types and concerns. The first set of shampoos I tried included:
*Coconut Oil (Triple Nutrition Butter Rich Collection) – strengthens and quenches dry, brittle hair for revival and strength.
*Citrus Extract (Pure Clean) – infused with antioxidants for daily refreshment and shine.
*Acai Berry (Color Shield Collection) – maintains the vibrancy of hair color for up to 8 weeks with UV filters.
*Pomegranate (Full & Plush Collection) – for thickening, fullness and softness.
*Amala Extract (Damage Eraser Collection) – reconstructs damaged hair to preserve strength, vitality and shine.

I like that the shampoos are paraben-free and very fragrant, but they would have been even better without the sulfates. They all worked well to remove excess oil, pollutants and impurities from root to tip but I had to follow-up with a generous amount of conditioner to counteract the cleansing ingredients. If you have oily hair or scalp build-up, these formulas are great and the shampoo is only $5.29.

The rest of the Super Fruits line includes:
*Avocado Oil (Triple Nutrition Collection) – for silky smooth, luminous results.
*Cactus (Moisture Lock Collection) – strengthens strands, prevents moisture loss and enhances shine for 48 hours.
*Grapefruit (Clean & Fresh Collection) – refreshes and energizes for softness and manageability.
*Argan Oil (Sleek & Shine Collection) – for a sleek, glossy finish.
*Apple Extract (Grow Strong Collection) – fortifies weak, limp hair and brings it back to life.
*Marula Oil (Damage Eraser)

My preferred line is the Citrus Moisture Lock which prevents frizz and provides light hydration to help revive parched ends. Although the formula isn’t rich enough for deep conditioning results, it is light enough for frequent use and comes with a good leave-in for softness and curl revival. The retail packaging does not resemble the smoothie bottles featured here - they are brightly colored and distinguishable so you can quickly identify your faves.

The best thing about this range (besides the fragrance that leaves my hair smelling fabulous for days) is that it you can mix and match treatments if you have more than one concern. I often use a combination of the Argan, Apple and Cactus products for shine, growth and moisture plus the conditioners are good for detangling and daily co-washing.

Fructis is available at drugstores nationwide

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