Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Tei Spa Beauty - Ojo Renew Review

When it comes to skincare I’ve learned something quite valuable – the method you use to apply products is just as important as the quality of the products used. Since incorporating a few professional tools into my nightly routine, I’ve experienced rapid results and my complexion is clear and blemish-free.

One of the most difficult skin issues to correct (for me personally) is dark under eye circles so when I got tired of slathering on tons of concealer, I decided to try another option. The Ojo Renew device uses microcurrent technology, thermal energy and massage to aid in the effectiveness and absorption of skincare products. The vibration and warmth also helps tighten, firm and reduce tension, redness and inflammation around the eyes and mouth.

I apply my cream or serum and gently pass the device under my eyes, massing the product in slowly. The smooth metal tip glides across the skin reducing puffiness and as it heats up, active ingredients are absorbed deeper into the epidermis. The sensation is stress-relieving and painless – effective for relaxing muscles, increasing circulation and alleviating tired, strained eyes after hours on the computer or cell phone. The shape of the application surface fits into hard to reach areas with ease, efficiently targeting problem areas. The vibration frequency is 158 times per second and the Ojo is easy to wipe clean and maintain.

Although the Ojo Renew is made for at-home use and professional treatments, there are some design flaws with the unit I received. The Function Selection Ring (used to change settings) is stiff and a bit difficult to adjust. The Ojo can only be turned on when the application surface (the silver tip) is in direct contact with the skin – so to start the device, just touch it to the treatment area and begin. This seems simple enough but there doesn’t seem to be an off switch. To stop the vibrations you must stop using the device completely and avoid touching the massage head. It does come with a protective cap that can prevent it from turning on when not in use but mine is very loose and does not stay on at all. There was also no carrying case which would have been handy for travel. I do like that the Ojo is rechargeable – it comes with a USB charging cord and has a run time of aprox 1.5 hours (20-25 uses at 3-5 mins each).

Since I began using this device along with my Foreo Iris, I’ve noticed a substantial improvement and rejuvenation in my eye area. The darkness has been reduced so my skin appears bright, smooth and soft and I can use less makeup. In the morning I use the cool setting to soothe, awaken and refresh my eyes (including the lid area) and reduce any puffiness. At night I switch to the warm setting which feels fabulous after a long day!

The kit retails for $95.00 and also comes with the 24K Gold Firming Serum which sells for $55.00 when purchased separately. The lightweight, silky formula is enriched with brightening agents, rose extract, anti-aging peptides and hyaluronic acid to correct, soften, revive and firm the eye area while diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. 

For more information or purchases visit the website at teispa.com

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