Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Get Flawless Looking Skin with No7 Airbrush Away Primer

My morning routine usually consists of checking my phone, answering emails, brushing my teeth, cleansing, showering, moisturizing, eating breakfast (avocado on toast with spicy humus) while watching King of Queens, styling my hair and applying makeup.

Before sweeping on eye shadow or blending foundation, I always use primer on my eyes, lips and face. A good base is essential for creating any look because it helps smooth, prep, prolong wear and prevent creasing, caking and transfer.

No7 Cosmetics has recently launched a collection of Skin Perfectors that will take your beauty regiment to the next level!

The Airbrush Away Primers ($22.00) have a lightweight, silky formula that minimizes pores and blurs imperfections with a sheer, matte finish. The creamy texture blends seamlessly into all skin tones and nourishes with a blend of hyaluronic acid. It also contains oil absorbent powder and glycerine to plump, smooth and control shine so you never look greasy. Both primers work the same way (it doesn’t really matter which you choose) and I don’t have to retouch or blot my face for up to 12 hours (unless I get sweaty).

The Airbrush Away Tinted Skin Perfector ($22.00) is also a lightweight face primer but this formula has a hint of satiny color that conceals minor imperfections, discoloration, fine lines, large pores and wrinkles. The sheer finish is very natural so the tint can be worn alone or layered under foundation to create a camouflaging veil.

There are only 3 shades available (light, medium and dark) but each hue adjusts to a wide range of skin tones so you don’t need an exact match. The Perfectors are also enriched with Vitamin A and E to condition and defend against free radial damage - perfect for battling summer smog and pollution. Use it sparingly and blend well because the cream tends to form tiny rolls that bead and flake.

If you prefer something a little stronger, the Resurfacing Skin Paste ($28.00) visibly brightens and refines skin texture to improve the look of hyperpigmentation, scars and blemishes. The formula is powered by a potent Derma-Peel Complex containing AHA and PHA – gentle exfoliating acids that make skin appear even, youthful and clear.

Remember to read the instruction leaflet and wear sunscreen after treatment as these ingredients may cause sensitivity to UV.

No7 is available at Shoppers Drug Mart, Beauty Boutique and online at beauty.shoppersdrugmart.ca

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