Wednesday, August 7, 2019

NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Full-Coverage Lightweight Concealer Review

When people ask what makeup item I can’t live without I always say concealer/foundation. No matter how pretty your lipstick and lashes look, bad skin days are inevitable.

NYX recently sent me the entire range of Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Concealers and at just $12.00 each I’m quite impressed!

For consistent coverage choose the shade closest to your skin tone so it blends seamlessly with your foundation. A lighter color will provide a brightening effect while the deep browns are great for sculpting and contouring. You can also use them to define your brows, cupid’s bow and nose.

No matter how much eye cream I slather on, my dark circles are here to stay and this concealer camouflages like a dream! The wand allows for even distribution and effortless application with minimal creasing and no transfer. I can use several coats without wiping away underlying layers because the color stays put for up to 24 hours! This stuff lasts through heat, humidity, sweating and runny eyes so I’ll be wearing it all summer.

There are 12 shades in the fair to light range with neutral, pink and yellow undertones.

If testers are available, swatch a few and allow them to set. The colors tend to dry a bit darker than they initially appear. The matte finish may not be suitable for people with pronounced lines, wrinkles or dry skin. To counteract these issues, try applying primer or a plumping eye cream to smooth and prep the area.

Warm Honey 15.9 (featured below) is my preferred shade but I can also use Warm Caramel 15.9 and Mahogany 16 when I want something a bit deeper.

The medium range consists of approximately 7 shades.

The lightweight, highly pigmented formula is comparable to some luxury brands (yes it’s that good) and the full-coverage finish hides acne spots, redness, blemishes and discoloration with ease – pretty much everything you want in a good concealer.

There are 5 shades for deep skin tones.

If you find a match that is too dark and the color before it is too light, try a shade with a decimal value. These numbers indicate hues in the middle range – a combination of two pigments. If that doesn’t work and you still have trouble with undertones, mix and match to customize the finish.

I’ll definitely be sharing these with friend and family. NYX is available at drugstores nationwide, freestanding NYX stores and online at

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