Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Soap & Glory Summer 2019 Bath & Body Collection

Over the years I’ve tried many scrumptious products from Soap & Glory and the brand's most distinctive characteristic is the sweet scent they refer to as “pink.” If you want to smell incredible all day without dousing yourself in perfume, this collection might be what you’re looking for.

The range includes a variety of wonderful scrubs, lotions, butters and shower gels infused with moisturizing extracts and luscious oils. If you are sensitive to heavy fragrance, make sure to sniff everything before purchasing. The perfume is quite overpowering and the scent may linger for hours.

Clean On Me Clarifying Shower Gel ($14.00) is infused with mandarin extract and built-in lotion to give you smooth, sexy skin whenever you want it. The fun, feminine fragrance makes the entire bathroom smell amazing and the rich lather rinses away dirt, oil, pollutants and sweat without causing dryness.

Before I hop out of the shower, I like to scrub until my entire body feels silky. Flake Away ($18.00) is packed with shea butter, sugar and apricot seeds to polish dry patches, slough away roughness and moisturize.

If you're short on time, Scrub Of Your Life ($16.00) cleanses and exfoliates in one simple step. The invigorating formula smooths bumpy areas while eliminating impurities so skin feels soft and renewed.

When you feel clean and rejuvenated, slather on the righteous Body Butter ($18.00) for a velvety finish. The aroma is strong but the formula is light, hydrating and non-greasy so you can use it in the summer without feeling sweaty. S & G recommends applying a “generous handful” on damp skin so the shea and aloe absorbs deeply.

When you want to show-off your mani or pedi without embarrassment, Heel Genius ($16.00) and Hand Food ($10.00) has your back. The hand cream has a supple blend of shea, macadamia and marshmallow to treat damaged nails and ragged cuticles without residue. 

Foot cream is a must during sandal season and this one is enriched with fruit acids, oils and menthol to alleviate soreness, gently exfoliate and heal cracked, ashy heels.

Soap & Glory is available at Shoppers Drug Mart.

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