Tuesday, March 11, 2014

100 Percent Pure Cosmetics

If you have been tuned in for a while then you may have noticed that I have been reviewing many natural beauty brands. With all the chemicals in the environment every little bit helps even if you can't completely eliminate all the risks.

Today I have an interesting review on a brand called 100% Pure. The name alone is enough to give a good indication that these products are natural. They are also vegan, perfume and fragrance free and contain no thickeners or emulsifiers. This line is great for those who have sensitive skin because there are no toxic chemicals in these cosmetics and they contain antioxidants to help prevent free radicals and protect against sun damage. Although they don’t contain artificial preservatives they are enriched with natural preservatives and antibacterial herbs such as honeysuckle, oregano, goldenseal and rosemary.

Natural Pigment
The unique thing about these cosmetics is that they are colored from fruits and vegetables rather than synthetic dyes. The beautiful shades get their pigmentation from fruits such as strawberries and blueberries which also make them high in vitamins.

Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze in the color Cherry
The lip glazes come in a wide variety of exquisite shades. They are gluten free, contain anti-aging benefits and provide nutrients to keep lips healthy and in great shape. The color I have is a beautiful cherry hue, great for many skin tones.

My favorite thing about this lip glaze is the texture. It glides onto the lips velvety smooth while avocado and cocoa butter provide long lasting creamy hydration. The texture reminds me of the Revlon Lip Butters except this glaze is all natural, less glossy and smells slightly fruity! The pigmentation is great, it has the effect of a rich lipstick with the comfort of a moisturizing balm and the quality is marvelous!

The packaging is also very feminine and elegant

You can find these lip glazes HERE they retail for $22 each.

Fruit Pigmented Blush
Many of the blushes from 100% Pure are soft,  fresh and come in great shades for spring and summer. They are also available in a variety of finishes. I have the color Peach which appears very subtle and natural on my skin tone. The texture is smooth, non-chalky and easy to work with. 

The packaging is very nice, it comes in a shiny light pink mirrored compact with dainty floral etchings. The shade Peach contains no shimmer but seems to illuminate the face nicely and helps boost the complexion.

You can find more information HERE the blush retails for $36

Lip and Cheek Tint
As I've said before I like multipurpose products. This smooth, fruity cream functions as a fetching blush with a slight sheen and as an alluring lip tint. 

The color I have is called Cocoa Berry which is a bronze shade with pink undertones, perfect for soft looks. I apply my cream products using my fingers and blend them in. For the longest wear I recommend setting this cream with a powder to prevent transfer.

The tube deign makes the product easy to work with, especially while on the go and there is quite a lot of product per tube. 

You can find the lip and cheek tints HERE they retail for $21 each.

For more information on this brand and to see more products visit: 100percentpure.ca

**Disclaimer: These products were provided to me for a sponsored review courtesy of 100% Pure. All opinions stated in this review are my own and based on my experience with the products. Results may vary based on individual use.**


  1. Except don't drop the blush, it will smash into a million pieces :( I did this just the other day. So sad. But I do love everything about their products and I use a LOT of different things.

  2. vow.. such droolworthy stuff.. thanks fr sharing,.. will chk it out too,,,
    Please do have a look at the latest post on my blog too.. Thank u ♥♥

  3. I'm really glad to see someone review this company. I've been eyeing them for a while, but was waiting to hear what others thought. Unfortunately, I haven't seen anyone review it until now. From your review and pictures, I'm very interested in the Lip Glaze.

  4. I have heard of this brand before and had even looked at some of their products but never ended up purchasing. That blush is really tempting me! Thanks for reviewing :) x


  5. wow love that these are all natural - definitely a plus since there are so many chemicals in everything now!

  6. Wow, they look awesome <3 I love the color of the lip glaze!


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