Thursday, January 7, 2016

Confessions of a Beauty Blogger: My 2016 Beauty Resolutions!

When it comes to making New Year’s resolutions I totally dread it! There is a lot of pressure to get fit and make huge strides when I haven’t even accomplished the long list of goals I set the previous year. I am all for making positive changes but I [personally] view self-improvement as a constant, ever-changing journey, purposefully carried out throughout life and not limited to New Years. That being said there are some beauty resolutions I would like to improve upon. As a Beauty Blogger and Editor I feel obligated to stay on top of my beauty routine so here it goes...

I would love to master the symmetrical uniformity of winged liner. I have no trouble drawing on beautiful lines and flicking out the tip for that edgy cat eye but for some reason they don't always end up looking identical on both sides and I find this frustratingly annoying! It’s time to step up my game and at the very least spend a little more time on precision. 

Since contouring has been all the rage in the beauty community, this year I vow to do more of it. It’s not that I can’t define and highlight, it’s just that I’ve totally slacked off. I like the transformation I achieve from accentuating my profile but all that blending can be tedious. After watching the creative clown contouring video on Instagram by the beautiful BellaDeLune I knew it was time for me to brush up on my skills and get my sculpting on point.

Anyone who reads my blog knows that I love bold, vibrant lip color but when it comes to embracing deep, vampy hues I’ve been a bit hesitant. I love how mysterious and edgy the dark shades look so more experimentation is definitely needed to embrace my inner diva.

I have a drawer full of amazing false lashes but I haven’t gotten into the habit of wearing them. I enjoy the way they frame my eyes but using the right glue ratio and achieving proper alignment always deters me from those thick, bombshell lashes I crave. This year I am setting out to master falsies in order to cut down on application time.

I’ve accepted the fact that winter wreaks havoc on my hair and skin and although I use lip balm every day my pout would benefit from more exfoliation. I always remember to slough away the dead cells on my face so it’s about time I revitalize my parched lips with some of those luscious sugar scrubs I’ve been hoarding away in my vanity.

The last thing on my beauty resolutions list is getting my hair trimmed more often! Admittedly I have totally failed when it comes to keeping my ends in shape and since my hair is now very long my sporadic split-end search and destroy missions are clearly not enough. It’s about time I find a reliable salon to keep my hair looking as good as my makeup.

What are some of your beauty resolutions for 2016?

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  1. These are reasonable beauty goals! I want to watch the creative clown contouring video you mentioned as I haven't tried contouring as it seems intimidating!

    I also need to work on using my lip scrubs more often as my lips really benefit afterwards!


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