Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hask Essentials Collection Review and Macadamia Oil Conditioners

I have been using Hask hair products for years and their argan, coconut, keratin and macadamia collections are gentle yet effective. Many of the nutrient rich shampoos, conditioners and oils are readily available at your local drugstores and the products are great for those seeking fabulous hair care on a budget.

Recently I’ve been trying the Hask Essentials line which features styling products that curl, smooth, repair and protect with beneficial oils and a light floral scent. Since I wear my hair both straight and naturally curly I can test the range to its full potential!

I am going to start with curls because my long ringlets are more difficult to deal with than straight, sleek styles. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve learned to accept and even love my spirals but in this state my hair is more prone to dryness and requires a lot more product to maintain manageability and form.

The Controlled Curls Spray with aloe extract is formulated to hold, shape and define while adding lightweight moisture and preventing frizz. Vitamins A, C and E also help recharge lifeless locks for healthy, bouncy curls.

The texture of this product is a water based, oil-gel concoction and although it has a spray nozzle the liquid doesn’t apply in a mist. It shoots out in one localized area so you must distribute it with your hands. The directions instruct you to apply a “generous amount” to damp hair from root to tip then air dry or diffuse. I don’t advise using it on the roots if you want to avoid any sort of scalp build-up.

The gel does provide light hold for my thick, long hair but if I use a bit too much I can feel some residue. Overall this is a decent styling product in conjunction with my other leave-ins and I like that it is alcohol-free but on its own it doesn’t provide quite enough hold for my hair. It retails for just $5.99 at Ulta beauty.

Whether I wear my hair curly or I’m prepping it for blow drying or flat ironing I like to use revitalizing treatments to maintain health and texture. The Repair That Hair Leave-in Spray has five benefits:
1. Moisturizes to prevent breakage
2. Detangles and smooths
3. Controls frizz and flyaways
4. Adds shine
5. Thermal protection

I apply this spray to wet hair after shampoo and conditioner and usually air dry prior to styling. It has a light water base texture, a fantastic scent (I should also mention that all of the styling products in the pink bottles smell the same) and I love the conditioning agents that hydrate and fortify. With this product there is no residue, grease or build-up and you can pick it up at Ulta for just $5.99.

Since it takes hours for my hair to air dry and I don’t always have the patience to wait around, the Express Blow Dry Spray is right up my alley. The serum-like formula must be shaken before use as the oil and water layers may separate in the bottle. Although it does contain extracts, fruit and natural seed oils it is surprisingly lightweight and residue-free. It speeds up the drying process by evaporating water which is great but it does contain some alcohol that seems to be of the non-drying sort. It also helps keep hair tangle-free while protecting against heat and reducing static for a polished finish. When my hair is damp and I am short on time this definitely helps speed things up and it retails for just $6.99.

I like products infused with rich, fatty acids to help replenish and strengthen and the Macadamia Oil Moisturizing Conditioner and Hydrating Deep Treatment softens parched strands and smooths my ends. This line is also free of sulfates and parabens which is a big selling point for me as there aren’t any harsh, stripping ingredients. The antioxidant rich formula quenches damaged, frail strands leaving your tresses silky and smelling like warm vanilla.

If you need an extra boost of moisture and more reparative results the treatment mask rejuvenates dry, processed and chemically treated hair. It also helps improve the appearance of heat damage, coloring and environmental assaults with a richer texture and formula. The treatment coats each strand for optimal results and should be left on for 10 mins although I usually leave my deep conditioner in for at least 30 mins. It retails for $2.99.

If you like using hair oil to eradicate frizz, smooth, soften and nourish for a glossy finish the Macadamia Oil also comes in a small vial. The formula is enriched with omega 7, vitamins and antioxidants and my ends just loves this stuff! It seals cuticles and locks in moisture so thirsty locks bounce back to life with a beautiful lustrous finish. A small amount works wonders on dry areas and it doesn’t make my hair feel greasy or look limp. The vial retails for $2.99.

You can find Hask products at drugstores, Ulta and online by clicking HERE

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  1. This collection sounds good! I have a lot of products for straightening my hair and maintaining it that way but I lack a little in products that make my curls look good. Maybe I'll be able to find it at Winners?

    1. Hey Kel,
      Sometimes you do get lucky at Winners and find various brands. I can't recall if I ever saw this brand there but it's worth taking a look. I know they sell some of the products at Walmart.


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