Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Lancôme Visionnaire Advanced Multi Correcting Cream and Beauty Sleep Perfector Review

When it comes to skincare Lancôme is one of the world’s leading brands and this winter I've been battling dryness day and night with the Visionnaire Collection.

I pamper my complexion daily and diligently perform weekly replenishing treatments but this time of year when temperatures drop to -20˚C it is difficult to keep peeling and flaking under control. The Visionnaire dynamic duo has been helping me fight environmental assaults and improve the texture of my skin for layers of moisture and great anti-aging benefits.

After light cleansing in the morning and prior to makeup application I use the Visionnaire Advanced Multi-Correcting Cream and layer on as much or as little as needed. The lush texture is decadently rich and immediately soothes my skin without leaving behind a greasy residue. Once applied the fast absorbing formula takes my skin from dry to silky smooth and helps even out any roughness and flaky patches to prep my skin for makeup.

For those who have wrinkles and fine lines this formula was developed to help reduce their appearance overtime while reinforcing elasticity but for me the selling point is the layer of lightweight moisture and the slight plumping effect for a healthy complexion. The cream eradicates dullness and is designed to visibly transform skin with a subtle light reflecting sheen that boosts radiance. Although you may not notice the anti-aging benefits overnight it smells great and makes a fabulous addition to your daytime routine if you are looking for something that awakens dull skin for a fresh, vibrant finish and a beautiful, supple glow. The Multi-Correcting Cream is made in France and retails for $92.00 per 50 ml.

After deep cleansing at night I like to use products that are richer and much more hydrating since skin heals and restores itself during sleep. For efficient absorption I use my Clarisonic with a foaming cleanser prior to applying my skin softening products like the Visionnaire Beauty Sleep Perfector Gel-In-Oil. This cooling gel formula instantly relieves tight, dry, tired looking skin and locks in moisture all night without any residue transferring to your pillow.

If you use the cream first and then layer the gel on top the combinations is a match made in skincare heaven as the layers of moisture help heal the stripping effects of dryness and completely revitalizes. The nutritive gel penetrates deeply to nourish and the innovative texture is infused with micro-droplets of oil which makes skin feel incredibly soft, satiny and smooth with a luminous finish. The night cream retails for $97.00.

Together this collection kicks winter’s butt and is light and refreshing enough to use all year. You can find Lancôme products in department stores, Shoppers Drug Mart and Sephora. Visit the website by clicking HERE.

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