Friday, January 8, 2016

NEW from Revlon: Ultra HD Matte LipColor, ColorStay16 HR Eye Shadow & Mascara

With the super sexy Love Is On campaign in full swing Revlon has released an exciting range of color, lavish new formulas and irresistible textures! My favorite new collection is the Ultra HD Matte Lip Colors available in 8 sultry hues that are vivid, lightweight and totally seductive.

Shades from left to right: 635 HD Passion, 600 HD Devotion, 610 HD Addiction and 605 HD Obsession

I’m a sucker for a bold lip and these beauties are just what a makeup addict needs to enhance her pout. The wax-free, lush gel formula packs an impressive dose of color for full coverage, high def results in just one easy swipe. Usually there are one or two shades in a collection that aren’t really my cup of tea and although there aren’t a ton of shades to choose from they didn’t waste time creating any duds, the entire range is beautiful!

The pigments are infused with whipped vanilla and mango although I don’t really detect either of those scents. The smell is quite strong but not unpleasant and after application I tend not to notice it very much. If you are sensitive to scents you may want to take a whiff before purchasing but I enjoy the candy-like aroma.

Revlon categorizes these colors as “matte” but they apply creamy with lacquer like intensity and a decent amount of shine. If they do happen to dry into any sort of matte finish (which from my experience didn’t happen) it will probably take quite a while, especially if you layer the color. I love the smooth velvety texture, intense pigmentation and plush moisturizing formula and although the creaminess makes the color more susceptible to transferring they don’t cake or feel drying on the lips. These are some of the prettiest lip products Revlon has released and they retail for $11.49 each.

The new range of  Revlon mascaras are designed to help you find the perfect formula for your lashes without all the guess work but sometimes the more options there are the harder it is to decide! The idea behind this line is providing a portfolio of mascaras to match your desired effect without all the confusing names and claims.

The five new mascaras include: Super Length (green), Ultra Volume (pink), Dramatic Definition (purple), Volume Length Magnified (blue) and Ultimate All-In-One (red).

When it comes to my lashes I don’t like to sacrifice one effect for another so it would seem that the all-in-one would be the obvious choice...and if I have the all-in-one why would I need the other four or pick ultra volume when I could have volume and length? I am not exactly sure how this process is less complicated but I would buy more than one of these simply for the different brushes and unique designs.

Each brush is ergonomically made with specific types of bristles so layering can produce mega volume and impressive length. 

My secret to achieving a false lash look besides using a lash serum every night is applying 3-4 sometimes even 5 different mascaras with varying formulas and brushes, but don’t cake it on too heavy if you want to avoid excessive clumping. Another helpful packaging design is the photo displaying what each brush looks like so you have an idea of what you are getting before purchasing.

I like brushes that have a really good grip to efficiently catch each hair and extend them for fanned out thickness. Individually these mascaras are good and will give you some definition and length but a few of them layered together is even better! They retail for $11.99 each.

Last but not least are the new ColorStay 16 Hour Eye Shadow Quads which come in 8 shade combinations. Many of the palettes are quite neutral except for a few rich hues and although the colors didn't wow me with the intensity I prefer they are suitable for day wear.

The pigmentation of these shadows isn’t very vibrant and the formula doesn’t have much creaminess but they are decent if you like sheer, subtle color. They can be enhanced to medium and in some cases full coverage with the use of a good primer and some layering.

526 Romantic

The no creasing claim definitely holds up and I don’t usually have issues with my shadow wearing away because I always prime well. I am sure these shadows will be a hit with those who appreciate simplicity and the color combinations are quite nice.

584 Surreal 

You can find Revlon at most major drugstores nationwide.

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