Thursday, January 28, 2016

Must-Have Skincare from Vichy

Today I am going to share some fabulous products from Vichy that can be incorporated into your skincare routine for deep cleansing, blemish control and revitalizing the complexion.

First let’s discuss one of the most important steps in skincare, especially for makeup lovers which is cleansing and more specifically deep cleansing. This step is imperative to preventing breakouts, clogged pores and unhealthy looking skin. That’s where the Normaderm Cleansing Mattifying Foam comes in; this fluffy, invigorating formula gets the job done without soap, parabens, alcohol or oil! I do see Sodium Laureth Sulfate in the ingredient list which is not the best cleansing agent for maintaining optimal moisture but the foam is formulated for blemish prone, sensitive skin.

I don’t always need a mattifying face wash during the winter since my skin tends to get quite dry this time of year but for pimples, excess oil and makeup build-up this product gets rid of the gunk and impurities while fighting zits. I like that the foam is light, distributes well and does a fabulous job prepping my skin for night treatments without any tightness. Just make sure to moisturize well after use. It retails for $19.95.

After thoroughly removing all that oil based makeup it’s time to rehydrate with the Aqualia Thermal Boosting Essence Water. You apply this refreshing gel formula after cleansing and allow it to dry before applying moisturizers and serums. It works to soothe, regenerate and “enhance the efficiency of all skincare products by promoting the penetration of ingredients and boosting their overall benefits.”  I recommend using it sparingly to cut down on drying time as the texture is a bit slick. The Essence Water can be used morning and night but I prefer applying it before bed, prior to layering my serum and night mask for best results. It retails for $29.95.

After prepping skin for bed, a boost of hydration is a must, which is why I love the Idéalia Skin Sleep Night Gel-Balm. I’m one of those people who can’t shut my brain off in bed so I don’t always get enough beauty sleep. This smooth, creamy formula goes to work while you snooze and mimic’s the skin’s natural regeneration process to improve dull, uneven, rough texture so you awake with a radiant, rested complexion. The cream feels refreshing and cocoons skin in a layer of lightweight moisture that melts in and eradicates dryness. Combined with a facial massage this is the perfect balance of rejuvenation and relaxation for tired looking skin. You can pick it up for $52.00.

I am going to move on to BB cream since I’ve been having more luck finding formulas that work! At first I wasn’t completely sold on the idea of another correcting product but lately I’ve been enjoying the extra layer of camouflage to create that flawless finish.

The Normaderm BB Clear takes it a step further with a built-in acne treatment! When a bad skin day strikes and you want to hide and treat those pesky pimples while still wearing some makeup this is a great option. The formula contains salicylic acid + mineral pigments to blur imperfections, mattify to control shine, unify texture, reduce the severity of blemishes and promote radiance. Although I didn’t notice a huge improvement in the appearance of my pimple I do like the added protection and the soft coverage helps conceal blemishes and brighten.

Shade: Medium

The BB Cream is only available in 2 shades: Light and Medium (which is the one I have) and although it blends in seamlessly and works well with my skin tone if you have a deeper complexion there isn't really a shade option. The cream retails for $29.95.

You can find Vichy at most major drugstores and online by clicking HERE

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