Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Yves Rocher Anti-Age Global Skincare Review: Complete Anti-Aging Cure

Today I am sharing an anti-aging treatment by Yves Rocher for those interested in a “highly concentrated, exceptional cure” designed to yield quick results. Personally, I don’t believe in overnight miracles or a “cure” for aging as it is a natural process that cannot be stopped but I do believe in aging gracefully and taking measures to keep skin looking youthful and healthy.

The Anti-Age Global collection is formulated for an “intense, one time treatment” although I would advise that you continue your everyday routine and preventative measures once completed. The Anti-Aging Cure comes in a white case (that also doubles as a keepsake box or jewelry box once the products are finished) and contains four bottles of potent serum meant to be used over a 28 day period (one bottle per week) to regenerate the skin.

The active ingredients are 40 Botanical Native Cells (plant extracts, fruit components and oils) which stimulate the renewal of your own cells to reduce and prevent the signs of aging including: sagging, dark spots, blemishes, loss of collagen and elasticity, slackening facial contour, enlarged pores, wrinkles, fine lines and dryness. Think of it as a mini face lift without the pain plus the bonus of improved texture, tone, softness and radiance.

The formula has a pleasant scent and a fast absorbing gel texture to sooth and moisturize on contact. It works best at night when skin heals naturally and promotes a radiant, youthful glow. Although the treatment is designed to be used over a 28 day period, if you don’t finish within that time just continue until you do.

I am a big fan of face masks so the Complete Anti-Aging Mask is a fabulous addition to this treatment process. The refreshing sheet mask was inspired by Korean beauty secrets and soaked in a lush serum to help boost radiance, pump, hydrate and of course help reduce the appearance of aging including wrinkles. The formula is described as “highly natural” which makes it easy to absorb and no rinsing is required.

Despite my lack of wrinkles and lines I think everyone’s skin can benefit from total rejuvenation every once in a while and I am all for preventative products. My mom doesn’t have wrinkles or lines either, (maybe my luck has to do with genetics) but she since she loves testing anti-aging products and they obviously seem to be working I will let her have a crack at this collection as well.

This range makes a great gift for the women in your family including grandma and with any treatment if you keep working at it and taking the right steps you are bound to see improvements!

The serum set (28 day supply) retails for $42.50 and the face mask is $8.00. You can find these products at Yves Rocher stores or online by clicking HERE.

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