Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Arbonne Clear Future Acne Treatment Review

Nothing puts a damper on date night or Valentine’s Day like a huge, painful zit! I don’t suffer from ongoing acne or bad breakouts but every now and then a pesky pimple or two pops up to blemish my complexion. They always seem to appear when I want my makeup to look flawless for an event, party or social gathering. This Valentine's Day don’t let an ugly zit be your dates focal point, fight back with Arbonne’s blemish clearing acne collection which combines potent active ingredients with natural botanical extracts.

The Soothing Overnight Mask is a fabulous idea! I have no idea why I didn’t have this in my collection sooner because as you sleep your skin begins its natural healing process which is also the best time to treat any flare-ups. You simply apply the refreshing gel to clean, dry skin and get your beauty rest. The fast absorbing matte formula is very lightweight, non-greasy and seems to be scent-free. It doesn’t provide much hydration so you can layer it under moisturizer if you have dry skin.

The mask's formula is enriched with witch hazel, willow bark, olive oil, sage + flower and fruit extracts to nourish, repair, balance and minimize redness. When used with a good astringent and spot treatment my pimples dry up and shrink in no time! The mask retails for $34.00.

The Corrective Acne Treatment pads are coming with me on all of my upcoming vacations because at the end of a long, skin-dulling flight my face is always in need of serious replenishing and cleansing. The pre-soaked pads contain salicylic acid with natural extracts and botanicals to lightly exfoliate dead cells. They also clarify by wiping away bacteria, dirt and oil which can clog pores and cause acne. The pads are meant to be used on clean, dry skin and no rinsing is required. Because it does contain salicylic acid the formula can make skin feel a tad dry so I recommend following up with a moisturizer or serum. Each jar contains 60 pads and retails for $46.00.

One of the most efficient ways to abolish pimples is with the Intensive Acne Spot Treatment because it allows you to target specific areas and avoid drying out your entire face. This cream has a thin, gel-like consistency that applies clear and dries fast. The active ingredients penetrate pores to clear up acne and you can also apply it under makeup for all day care. For me the most effective and quickest way to abolish zits is by cleansing, using an astringent on the area (to dry out and shrink the pimple) and then applying a spot treatment. Usually my pimple is gone in just 1-2 days and my skin is clear again! The spot treatment retails for $30.00.

I also want to take a moment to talk about Arbonne’s RE9 Intensive Renewal Serum - a powerful highly concentrated blend of ingredients that supports collagen, improves facial contour, diminishes the look of wrinkles and hydrates! I may not have any visible signs of aging yet but I gravitate towards anything with anti-aging benefits for preventative care.

This formula is very light, non-greasy, fast absorbing and makes my skin feel supple and silky. It also contains many natural ingredients like lemon, cucumber, orange, apple, ginseng, flower extract and more to help revitalize for a youthful looking complexion and that toned profile we all crave. I usually apply it prior to moisturizer and before bed for best results. It retails for $58.00.

You can purchase Arbonne products online by clicking HERE and through consultants 

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