Monday, February 1, 2016

Bioderma Micelle Solution + New Cleansers & Moisturizers!

I have reviewed the Bioderma Micelle water before but since the brand recently celebrated their 20th anniversary (congratulations guys!) I think another honorable mention is in order.

The Hydrabio H2O solution effectively eradicates stubborn makeup, dirt and excess oil with a non-drying, gentle formula that feels refreshing after a long day. It soaks off crunchy mascara, waterproof makeup and heavy foundation without burning or irritating the skin. Like toner it helps remove build-up and impurities lodged deep within the pores but it doesn't contain harsh alcohols. The solution also offers an extra blast of hydration for thirsty skin and even after using a makeup wipe and face wash it manages to find the last traces of undetectable makeup residue for the cleanest skin possible! You can pick it up for $19.95.

The Sébium Purifying Foaming Gel is ideal for combination/oily skin and gently cleanses without causing dryness. Unlike some gel formulas that slip and slide around the face this one actually builds into a light lather for a refreshing clean. It also helps regulate oil production to prevent clogged pores thus limiting the formation of blemishes which is great for acne sufferers. The formula is paraben-free and quite gentle so you can use it morning and night prior to moisturizer.

The Sébium Intensive Purifying Care is formulated for acne prone skin and helps eliminate pimples, blackheads and pesky blemishes. It also helps regulate fatty acids to keep pores free of dirt, debris and oil while reducing redness and inflammation. I don’t suffer from acne on a regular basis but when I do get an annoying zit I also use this cream as a spot treatment to help speed up healing time.

The Bioderma Ulta-Nourishing Balm with highly concentrated vitamin B3 targets rough, scaly, tight skin and helps defend against environmental assaults. The smooth formula supports essential lipids to help lock in moisture and relieve skin discomfort all day for optimal hydration. The non-greasy, fast absorbing formula targets very dry, sensitive skin to reduce itching and pamper the entire body from head-to-toe.

I love a shower gel that cleanses and lathers well without drying out my skin so the new Atoderm Gentle Shower Gel is a welcome relief! This huge 1 liter bottle will last for months and the formula increases the skin’s tolerance threshold with moisturizing active ingredients that protect and reduce tightness. If you suffer from dry, itchy skin a warm shower with soap can make symptoms flare up but this hypoallergenic blend is void of parabens and harsh cleansing agents to keep you fresh without irritation.

You can find these products at Murale, Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharma Plus 

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