Friday, February 19, 2016

New Makeup from Maybelline: Vivid Matte Liquid Lip Color Review, Master Contour Palette & More!

Recently Maybelline launched several great products and after seeing the lush new lip colors all over Instagram I just had to try them! I’ve accumulated quite a large collection of Maybelline makeup from eye catching lipstick to flattering blush and an array of pretty pigments because the brand is accessible, trendy and affordable!

The Rock Nudes puts an interesting spin on the popular yet basic nude palette by incorporating cool, earthy tones and a nice mix of shimmer and mattes. These colors are a little more rock star chic with the addition of spunky, multidimensional black and deep navy blue sprinkled with pretty light reflecting glitter. When you want to take it down a notch, simply mix and match the neutral browns, beige and silver.

The texture of these shadows is quite silky and I like that the rich, smokey metallic hues balance and contrast the subtle shades. For the most part the pigmentation is not ultra intense but still quite decent. The darker shadows apply creamier and have better color pay-off than the glitters or neutral hues which are quite sheer. To achieve a decent pop of color you may have to layer heavier but thankfully Maybelline’s new primer helps these seductive pigments live up to their full potential as you can see in the swatches below!

I am a bit skeptical of primers because many have fallen short and I certainly didn’t expect very much from a drugstore base but Maybelline’s Master Prime did not disappoint! Although the Rock Nudes shadows aren’t very bold on their own this base enhances them beautifully and allows me to build-up to the vividness I crave. Along with improving pigmentation it also smooths the lids in a beige, matte finish which you can use for nude looks or to prolong any eye shadow in your collection. Master Primer is safe for sensitive eyes and makes my pigments pop. 

Who doesn’t love a good contouring kit especially when a structured flawless complexion is so on trend! The Master Contour Palette is available in 2 shade selections: light to medium (featured below) and medium to dark. This all-in-one compact includes: a light brown contour color for definition, a pink blush for a healthy flush and a frosty silver highlight for a luminous finish.

For my skin tone the contour shade is quite light especially for intense definition or a chiseled effect and although it isn’t as buildable as the other pigments I like it! I mainly use it as a soft sculpting blush when I don’t want heavy contour lines.

The pink blush is very pink but fresh and suitable for spring and the highlight (my favorite pigment in the palette) creates an alluring glow. For deep complexions I recommend testing the darker palette.

The texture of each color is quite smooth and easy to blend for a seamless finish so if you need a decent palette for everyday wear and light, simple sculpting this one is okay for quick looks.

Being a lip product junkie I was most excited to test the Vivid Matte Liquid Lip Color! Anything vibrant and eye catching draws me in instantly and these bold hues are gorgeous! There are 10 shades available ranging from neutral, pink, red and purple and the high-impact, creamy pigments glide on smooth and soft for a plush, cushiony finish. A few swipes provides sheer to medium coverage for layers of bright color. 

The texture of this formula is quite unique, it feels very light, ultra silky and slightly moist which is comfortable and non-drying on the lips. The pigments don't dry completely matte and the top layer remains shiny so if you are looking for solid matte pigments these won't provide that effect. I don't really mind the hint of shine because the colors are fabulous and they look and feel great. Personally I did not find the formula messy or difficult to apply and I didn't experience any feathering.

Tomorrow I will board a plane and jet off to sunny Florida! I plan to hang out by the pool, sip cocktails and have a lot of fun but one thing that isn’t happening is makeup mishaps. When you need to keep your face from melting Maybelline’s new Master Fix Wear-Boosting Setting Spray has you covered! This translucent, oil-free formula is lightweight and refreshing with a cool misting spray that helps prolong makeup and keep colors from, running and fading. The formula gives you that just-applied look and keeps heat, humidity and long nights from getting the better of you!

Maybelline can be found at drugstores nation wide!

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