Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Get Ready for Valentine’s Day with Tweezerman!

One of the most tedious and completely dreadful beauty rituals has to be hair removal. No one actually enjoys doing it but what’s the point of putting on a knockout dress, killer heels and gorgeous makeup when you have visible facial hair and your brows look like a caveman’s!

If you have special plans this Valentine’s Day or any upcoming date nights, grooming should be high on your priority list and that’s where Tweezerman comes to the rescue!

Let’s begin with the face since those pesky little hairs can actually hinder a flawless makeup application by sticking up. I am not a fan of waxing so this facial hair remover is great for getting the job done. To use: hold the pink handles, align the top of the coil above the area of hair you want to eliminate with the flat side against the skin and rotate the silver knobs on each side. Admittedly this process took a while to master with a few skin pinches in-between but once you get the hang of it you can yank those suckers out with less pain than plucking. I recommend using this tool when your face is clean and completely dry as any creams or oils may reduce grip and smaller hairs may be a bit more of a challenge. For a quick fix this little coil definitely comes in handy and retails for $25.00.

The term “brows on fleek” has been popular for a matter how annoying! Sharp, defined eyebrows frame the face and help improve the look of your eye makeup. For shaping jobs the Tweezerman scissors and brush set is a must-have for your grooming kit. The curved handle and sharp blade makes snipping each unruly hair easy and precise for that neat arch we all crave. You can pick it up for $25.00.

Let’s take a moment to talk about our nails because no matter how trendy your polish, ragged, dry cuticles aren’t cute! If you prefer neat, soft cuticles like me then your mani will definitely benefit from the Grip & Snip Spiral Snipper. The sharp angled blade makes getting rid of rough, overgrown skin and hangnails quick and easy! I also like that the coil has nice spring-back and fits comfortably in the hand to enhance precision. This tool retails for $31.00 and I prefer it to my other cuticle remover because it doesn’t painfully tear my skin.

Along with the perfect grooming kit you also need great tools for applying makeup so I was excited to try Tweezerman’s new brushes!

I love a good dual-fiber brush because the fine, pointy bristles get right into the texture of skin to provide a flawless finish. The Finishing Contour Brush ($39.99) is designed for many tasks and formulas including: concealer, foundation, cream products, powder, bronzer and blush. The angled shape allows you to apply product in the contours of the face for easy blending and “the deepest penetration of color.” When I opened the packaging there were a few stray bristles out of place but I didn’t have any problem with shedding. The artificial fibers aren't exceptionally plush, dense or soft but against the face they feels quite nice. The sturdy design places product exactly where you want it and stipples it out seamlessly.

The Foundation Brush ($21.99) with the flat tapered design is quite basic although I tend to apply my liquid products with a sponge, buffing brush or a dual-fiber. I use this brush mainly for patting product (concealer & corrector) under my eyes to build-up coverage and diminish those dark circles and blemishes. The long bristles are quite stiff and flat which is good for smoothing out uneven skin texture.

I can never have too many eye shadow brushes and for those who have small lids or prefer compact brushes the Tweezerman Shader Brush ($16.99) may be for you! Again the bristles are not ultra soft or fluffy, they have a sturdy, slick texture but the flat surface pats on pigment and the size is ideal for deepening and defining the crease when you want a sharper effect. You may have to work a bit harder to pick up shadow on these fibers but for overall application the brush is decent.

If you need great tools to help you get ready for a romantic night head over to These products can also be found at Shoppers Drug Mart, London Drugs and Rexall.

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