Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentine’s Day Makeup

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I know that this celebration of passion and roses ignites mixed reactions. Some enjoy the explosion of pink, heart shaped everything and overpriced teddy bears while others feel the pressure of being single and not quite ready to mingle. However you decide to celebrate don’t forget that love comes in many forms. Whether you find yourself staring googly eyed at your partner over a flickering flame, at a movie with the girls or at home with the family remember that you don’t have to be in a romantic relationship to enjoy love.

Instead of chocolate that goes straight to the hips or flowers that wilt I prefer a delicious dinner and more practical tokens of affection like books, jewelry, or tickets to a show and I always welcome clothing or beauty products! This year we are keeping it simple: dinner, a movie, dessert and then some quality time together which is really what it's all about.

In terms of makeup I like to keep it simple and fresh. A classic look works wonders for most people and compliments any outfit. I prefer to use a soft shadow on the lids, my favorite is a trendy gold with a warmer color in the crease like bronze or brown and deepened at the corners by blending in some black.

For my face I use the Beauty Blender with my foundation for a flawless finish and I go light on the blush for a natural flush. I also aim for a radiant glow with extra highlight which creates a luminous effect.

A winged liner in jet black always adds a sultry element and makes the eyes appear larger. I don't line the bottom lash line because I like to keep my look soft. 

A bold red lipstick completes the look for a seductive pout. In this case I used Burberry's Union Red.

Here are some more pretty shades that are perfect for the occasion!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Enjoy the weekend.


  1. You look beautiful! Have a wonderful Valentines Day. Xxx


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