Thursday, February 11, 2016

Sephora Deluxe Charcoal Antibacterial Brush Set Review

This year Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday which means no work! I plan to make the most of the weekend with a romantic candlelit dinner, a great movie and dessert at our favorite local cafe. Aside from a sexy date night outfit my makeup needs to be flawless so the right brushes are essential!

The Charcoal Brush Set by Sephora may be one of the brand’s finest travel-friendly collections! These brushes are trendy and beautifully made with smokey grey handles and light grey bristles that are expertly cut. The brushes come with a sleek faux leather case with magnetic closer that is both fashionable and functional! Perfect for use on-the go and weekend getaways.

These swoon-worthy brushes offer much more than a pretty design, the bristles are infused with charcoal powder which has antibacterial properties to keep them fresh. Charcoal is also known to draw out impurities and detoxify skin to help prevent blemishes which is why it is commonly infused in face masks.

The set includes:
*Large foundation brush - that also doubles as a face mask applicator.
*Angled Liner Brush - for eyeliner application or filling in the brows.
*Precision Brush – for contouring and highlighting.
*Angled Concealer Brush – camouflages and highlights under the eyes. Also doubles as an eye shadow brush.
*All Over Shadow Brush – for eye makeup.
*Angled Face Brush- for blush, setting powder or contour.

This collection is cruelty and paraben free making it safe for sensitive skin. The bristles are well made, ultra plush, and feel luxuriously smooth against the skin. I like that they are soft and fluffy without being floppy to maintain a level of sturdiness that makes application easy and precise.

The brushes also have the right amount of dense bristles which allows makeup to adhere well to the fibers and transfer to the face effortlessly for a seamless finish.

The eye shadow brush is quite large but it covers the entire lid area and you can always use the concealer brush if you have smaller lids.

If you still use flat foundation brushes the one in this set is the best I’ve tried! The common variety is usually stiff, small and often times cheaply made but this one is large enough for efficient liquid application and the flexibility allows for a more even finish. I usually use a dual-fiber brush, Beauty Blender or buffing brush for foundation but this one is perfect for my BB and CC cream application to create an even base.

Since I already have many liner brushes and they don’t seem to differ very much between brands I would have preferred a fluffy crease brush instead but overall this is a fantastic set! Whether you need new tools to get ready for date night or you are looking for a great Valentines gift this collection will not disappoint! Sephora also carries adorable, sassy makeup bags like the one featured in this post that reads “I may not be perfect but my makeup is.” The brushes retail for $78.00 and the makeup bag is $33.00.

With all those fancy new brushes you may need a cleanser to go with it. The Sephora Mini Solid Brush Cleaner removes stubborn makeup, dirt and germs and is formulated with argan oil to soften bristles without harming your brushes. The mini retails for $10.00.

Now that I’ve showed you some great tools and accessories I’d like to introduce you to my shimmery new shadows that are perfect for creating sultry eyes. If aren't sure what look to create for the occasion why not go soft and glittery with the Sephora single shadow in the shade Girl Talk N˚232. This soft, feminine pink is embedded with knock-out, light reflecting particles to make eyes pop!

If you want a bit less glitter than the shimmer shadows provide an alluring metallic finish and I love the bronze/gold shade called - Fashion Blogger N˚295. In the photos the colors are a bit difficult to distinguish under my studio lights so please refer to the swatches below. The shadows retail for $16.00 each and you can find all these amazing products at Sephora locations and

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  1. I've even heard of charcoal infused brushes before - genius for someone like me. Love the shadows too!


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