Monday, February 15, 2016

Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque Review

If you peek inside my skincare cabinet you will find many brands but one recurring trend is my love for Dermalogica. From cleanser to exfoliants, moisturizer and masks the brand never disappoints and I recently added a new fave to my collection!

I’ve heard of charcoal enriched skincare before, in fact a few of my Japanese Konjac Sponges are infused with it but what I didn’t anticipate was how much I’d love Dermalogica’s new Charcoal Rescue Mask! This all-in-one, fast acting formula detoxifies, brightens and invigorates all skin types to rescue tired, lackluster complexions. At the end of a long week it is the perfect skin papering treatment to help you recoup and recharge for the weekend!

If you are unfamiliar with the benefits of charcoal here are a few facts:

- Charcoal attracts and absorbs dirt and oil to clear pores
- Draws out bacteria and chemicals for clear skin
- Helps fight acne and makes a great spot treatment
- Disinfects wounds
- Reduce redness and inflammation
- Great for deep cleansing

Charcoal has been a skincare trend in Japan for many years and it seems to be taking the North American Beauty industry by storm. Many high-end spas charge a lot of money to plaster your face in this dark substance but you can do your own treatment at home!

I have incorporated the Dermalogica Charcoal Masque into my weekly facial and my skin loves it! The grey formula applies like a clay mask and dries just as tight and hard. Yes it feels weird and uncomfortable when you can barely move your face but that’s just the awesome charcoal powder, volcanic ash, sea silt, witch hazel, tea tree oil and eucalyptus working to suck out all the dirt, pollutants, toxins and oil lodged deep within your pores.

Unlike some clay masks, once rinsed off this one doesn’t make my skin crave moisture. My face feels super soft, silky, supple, hydrated and smooth for total rejuvenation! It also brightens for a boost of radiance while the sulphur promotes healthy cell turnover and niacinamide reduces congestion and enlarged pores. There are also a few active ingredients that help promote collagen production for anti-aging benefits which is always a nice bonus.

Like most Dermalogica products the mask does not contain any artificial fragrances, colors or parabens which makes it safe for all skin types. It retails for $60.00 and is available at Dermalogica spas, salons and skincare centers as well as online by clicking HERE.


  1. I find that most clay masks completely dry out my skin! So, if this one does as you say, it might be great to give it a go!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Katie |

    1. You're welcome Katie. It feels tight as it dries but once you rinse it off your skin feels nice and soft! Let me know what you think :)

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  3. Loved the review! I've just started using my Charcoal Masque and I'm absolutely loving it! It works best for combination/oily skin types. It works great as an exfoliant too! :)


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