Monday, May 9, 2016

Avon Extra Lasting Eye Shadow Ink Review

Over the last few months cream formulas have made an impressive comeback as many brands released an array of contour palettes, blushes, lip products and shadows utilizing this lush texture. Maybe the popularity has to do with the satisfying smoothness against the skin or the rich, blendable consistency, but whatever the reason people are crazy for creams!

Avon has recently launched a small collection of high impact, waterproof Eye Shadow Inks designed with pure color pigments and a durable, sweat-proof formula. There are 6 shades available ranging from teal/blue, taupe, purple, gold, bronze and merlot - all very wearable hues.

The formula is a cream-gel hybrid so I expected a soft, cushiony texture but the shadows feel a bit hard and dense in the jar. To extract the pigment you really have to dig in deep with your finger, break the surface and pull out small chunks in order to efficiently transfer the color to skin, but once applied, the creams blend easily and transform into luminous, lightweight powder. I had to use my fingers because a regular brush just didn’t pick up enough color but once on the lids you can go in and blend with a brush if you prefer.

Unlike some cream shadows, these don’t crease or feel uncomfortably moist and sticky. The powder is dry yet silky and they can go from sheer to full coverage when you layer.

Marvelous Merlot has a beautiful copper finish and a subtle dusting of radiant shimmer. This hue is great for neutral, everyday looks.

Infinite Teal is really more of a bright sky blue that is perfect for summer!

Totally Taupe is really more of a silver tone and paired with a dark crease color it creates a pretty smoky effect.

The shadows retail for $14.00 each and I think they are quite pretty! You can pick them up online at or through independent consultants. 

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